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    [K-Movie] Romantic Film NEW YEAR BLUES Hits Singapore Cinemas This 11 February 2021

    A movie that could relate with the audiences, NEW YEAR BLUES tells the stories of four couples spending a week right before the new year. The four couples, each facing a different story of anxiety such as the most common issue of our lives (career, relationships, and marriage), will convey the message of hope that the new year will bring them and dispel what have made them suffered the whole year. Couple #1 – Revive the Thrill of Romance Kim Kang-woo plays the divorced homicide detective Ji-ho, while Yoo In-na plays the rehab trainer Yo-young. Both coming out of failed marriages, Ji-ho and
  • K-Drama

    Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri Team Up for Space Sweepers, Korea’s First Outer Space Blockbuster

    Space Sweepers, the much-anticipated Korean sci-fi thriller starring Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Sun-kyu and Yoo Hai-jin, will be premiering on Netflix this February 5th. Regarded as the first Korean outer space blockbuster, Space Sweepers is set in 2092 where the Earth has become a bleak planet and will soon be uninhabitable. The story revolves around the crew of Spaceship Victory, a cosmic waste management spacecraft that tries to escape the destruction of Earth. Crewed with a genius space pilot Tae-ho (Song Joong-ki), a mysterious ex-space pirate Captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri), a spaceship engineer Tiger Park (Jin Sun-kyu), and a
  • K-Drama

    From Humans to Monsters: 5 Horrifying Monsters That Caught Our Attention in Sweet Home

    Following the premiere of Netflix’s highly-anticipated series Sweet Home, audiences have been captivated by the intriguing storyline showing the transformation of humans to monsters due to the overpowering human desires. In addition to the interesting story and talented cast, the variety of chilling monsters is also attracting much attention and interest. The monsters are brought to life through effects created by a team of renowned choreographers and VFX specialists. In no particular order, here are 5 horrifying monsters that caught our attention in the series: Lotus Root Monster This blind monster is also known as the Lotus Root Monster. With
  • Exclusive

    [Interview] ‘Live On’ Leading Cast Jung Da-bin and Hwang Min-hyun Share Their Impressions of One Another

    A youth drama that’s currently airing, Live On is led by its main actors Jung Da-bin and Hwang Min-hyun. The coming-of-age drama follows the story of a popular social media influencer and high-school student Baek Ho-rang (Jung Da-bin), who joins the broadcasting club as an attempt to track down the person who is trying to unveil her secret past to the public. She crosses path with the club’s president Go Eun-taek (Hwang Min-hyun), who is a perfectionist and is overly time-conscious. Ahead of the next episode, we’ve secured an exclusive interview with the two leading cast as they share about their on-screen characters and impressions
  • Review

    Three Standout 2020 Rookie Girl Groups That Caught Our Attention This Year

    The K-pop industry has been saturated for a long time with many K-pop groups making their debut each year. That however, doesn’t stop newer names in the scene from quickly gaining attention from the public. While we’re not exactly sure what counts as the fourth generation of K-pop, we believe some of these groups will be making an impact in the K-pop scene soon. Find yourself struggling to keep up with these newcomers in the industry? Well, we have shortlisted three promising 2020 rookie girl groups that have caught our attention and are worth checking out.   aespa Hailing from

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