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    Sessions And Joy Ruckus Club Present K-Pop SuperFest — A Virtual Festival With A Star-Studded Lineup

    Update on 17 Jun 2021: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Heize will not be performing at the show. K-pop girl groups GWSN and WOO!AH! have been added to the line-up. Original Article: Sessions — a livestreaming platform, is collaborating with Joy Ruckus Club — the largest Asian music festival in the world, to present K-Pop SuperFest. Featuring an exciting lineup of artistes, the event will take place on Sunday, 20 June 2021 from 9am to 5pm SGT and will be livestreamed from the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. The one-day festival includes 11-member K-pop group The Boyz, legendary South Korean pop
  • K-Movie

    [K-Movie] Classic Horror Film Series ‘Whispering Corridors’ Returns After 12 Years

    Whispering Corridors is returning with its 6th instalment this summer. The high school horror film is part of the franchise from the original movie of the same name that premiered in 1998. Kim Seo-hyung, who appeared in the 4th instalment (2005) as a music teacher, is returning in the latest series as a vice principal. The film franchise is lauded for its overall story’s message about Korea’s repressive school system, bullying and mental health challenges facing students. Film Synopsis: Ha-young (Kim Hyeon-soo) heard humming in the empty washroom, and believe that Eun-hee, whom is hired as a vice principal of the
  • Exclusive

    [Interview] Rookie Girl Group Bling Bling Shares More About Their ‘Oh MAMA’ Comeback

    Home to renowned vocalists in South Korea such as Ben and 4MEN, Major9 debuted their first girl group — Bling Bling — last November after 4 years of preparation. Consisting of Korean members Ju Hyun, Yubin, Jieun and Narin, as well as Japanese members Marin and Ayamy, the six-membered girl group debuted with the digital single ‘G.G.B’ and received positive response from both domestic and international fans.   On May 20, Bling Bling officially made their comeback with their first mini album ‘Contrast’, showing the versatility of the members to pull off both cool and feminine concepts. The mini album
  • K-Drama

    New Drama ‘Racket Boys’ Goes All Out on Their Badminton Dreams and Aspirations

    Racket Boys is set to deliver a heartwarming and humorous story about a ragtag middle school badminton team. This comical series focuses on the young athletes’ dreams and aspirations. Yoon Hae-kang (Tang Jun-sang) is a competitive baseball player forced to move to the countryside, when his father gets a new job as a coach tasked with reviving a badminton team that’s on the brink of extinction. He struggles to adjust to rural life as well as playing badminton. Hae-kang is joined by a motley crew of other players with distinct characteristics. There’s the youngest team member Lee Yong-tae (Kim Kang-hoon)
  • Exclusive

    Interview with WILD – A Hybrid Entertainment Group Connecting Korea and Many Leading SEA Creators

    Wild Entertainment Group or WILD, is a hybrid management, media production, and marketing company – home to numerous talents and content creators around the globe. The company was founded in August 2020 by CEO, Leonard Lim, whom we recently had the opportunity to speak to and learn more about his emerging entertainment group. Prior to his move to South Korea two years ago, Leonard was an established model in Australia and North America, and has always had a big passion for entrepreneurship. He is also the Founder of Jewelry Company ‘Kapsul Collective’ that has made collaborative collections with big K-pop



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