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    RADIO ROMANCE GIVEAWAY: WIN Autographed Posters Signed Personally By Actress Kim So Hyun!

    With just 2 more episodes to the end of ‘Radio Romance‘ this week, we are a little sad to bid farewell to this drama which stars Kim So Hyun, Yoon Doo-joon, Yoon Park and Yura. Playing the role of a radio writer ‘Song Geu-rim‘ in the drama, Radio Romance marked Kim So Hyun‘s first production since turning 20. She works alongside with ‘Ji Soo Ho‘ (Yoon Doo-joon), a top star actor whom she painstakingly cast in order to secure her place as the main writer in a new radio program. Fortunately for us, we can still catch up the episodes
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    Remember The Crazy Fire Noodles Challenge? Try This Brand New Flavour Launched Recently!

    Remember the crazy fire noodles challenge that went viral a few years ago? Samyang Foods, the manufacturer of these famed Buldak ramen products, has recently released another new flavour in the market, adding on to the variations that are already available. This brand new “Jjajang” flavour is said to have a lower spiciness level and its recipe is inspired by consumers who mix the original flavour with additional ingredients to neutralise the spiciness. The packaging also spots hashtags such as #DoNotMix and #EatThis, seemingly telling the message that one should not mix this instant noodle with other products as it can
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    [QUIZ] Which “Waikiki” Character Are You?

    “Welcome to Waikiki” (Eulachacha Waikiki) is one of my favourite dramas these days thanks to the light-hearted storyline and funny characters whom never fail to bring laughters in every episode. Starring Kim Jung-hyun, Lee Yi-kyung, Son Seung-won, Jung In-sun, Go Won-hee and Lee Joo-woo, the drama unfolds the story of 3 men whom faced difficulties in running a guesthouse called Waikiki, due to the poor economy and loan interest. They are passionate about their individual dreams and things began to change when their guesthouse was met with unexpected guests — a single mother and her baby. The heartwarming drama has been gaining
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    8 Spring Destinations To Visit In Seoul For Cherry Blossoms

    Warmer temperatures in South Korea spells the arrival of Spring! This year, Spring is forecasted to arrive with cherry blossoms blooming as early as 25 March in Jeju, reaching the central region including Seoul from 3 April onwards (subject to change). With many flocking to catch the picturesque sights of cherry blossoms, Spring is indeed a popular season to travel where in Korea, many activities are taken outdoor to welcome the warmer weather. Expect various festivals, events and activities when you visit South Korea during late March to mid May, and be sure to plan your vacation to include some
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    [PHOTOS] Highlights From MONSTA X Special Showcase in Singapore

    [!!] Warning: This will be an image-heavy post with lots of eye-galore of your favourite boys! 😀 In Singapore on 3 March for their special showcase as part of the HSBC Women’s World Championship Music Festival 2018, MONSTA X dropped an explosive show which saw a full-house at The Coliseum Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, where the showcase was held. The boys thrilled fans with hit songs such as ‘Beautiful‘, ‘White Love‘ and ‘From Zero‘, and took time to interact with Monbebes, displaying their energetic and fun sides throughout the 2-hour show. From sharing their Mon-stories (highlights of their daily lives) to a




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