[COVER] K-Pop Heal The World Press Conference and Meet & Greet

Quoted from K-pop Asia:

K-Pop Heal the World intends to raise awareness on philanthropy with the youth, who should be informed of donation efforts of disasters in not only the recent Japan earthquake, but for all the tragic disasters that have occurred throughout last year including the Pakistan floods, Australian floods, Indonesia tsunami and Mt Merapi eruptions.

Jun 3rd, 2011 (Friday) – K-Pop Heal The World Press Conference cum Meet & Greet was held at the Conrad Centennial Singapore and HallyuSG was very honoured to be part of the media team on that night.

Tucked in black suits, both T-Max and MBLAQ greeted the media and fans before the Press Conference cum Meet & Greet commenced. It was the second time for both groups to visit Singapore and T-Max mentioned that “Singapore is a country of warmth and passion“, while MBLAQ have appreciated all the warm welcome they received from the fans here.

Unfortunately, T-ara was unable to attend the event due to a last minute confidential filming, while After School & Orange Caramel were only scheduled to arrive in Singapore the following day.

When asked about how the groups feel after seeing so many fans here in Singapore during their second visit, T-Max expressed that with an additional member to their band, they hope that fans will enjoy their performances even more than their last visit. MBLAQ, on the other hand, responded cheekily that they want to be back here in Singapore soon again.

MBLAQ’s leader Seung Ho added that his favorite local cuisine is the Chilli Crab, and member G.O jokingly said “Chilli Clap” and did the clap gesture, arousing to joy and laughter in the ballroom.

Another question was directed to both bands on the most memorable experience of being in a boyband. Both T-Max and MBLAQ replied earnestly that being on stage performing for the fans and enjoying the performance with those who love their music was most memorable and unforgettable for them. T-Max also added that being in Singapore 2 years ago was memorable too!

When asked about their upcoming comeback album, MBLAQ’s Seung Ho revealed that the concept and music will be something new that they have never tried before and will be “very original and fresh, something close to the fan’s heart”. Although they have yet to hold any solo concert in Korea, they would certainly look forward to having one in Singapore soon.

As for T-Max, youngest member Hanbi replied modestly that they are working on the new album right now to impress everyone with their music and will be coming back when everyone is ready for it.

During the Q&A session, a fan asked both MBLAQ and T-Max for their favorite impression of fans here in Singapore and Min Chul of T-Max said that the most memorable moment was when they took a group photo with all their fans in the concert hall two years ago. MBLAQ’s G.O also added that he could recognize some of the fans seen during their previous visit.

With that, the Press Conference cum Meet & Greet came to a conclusion and ended on a good note with a phototaking session.

HallyuSG would like to express our gratitude to K-pop Asia Team, the organiser of K-pop Heal The World, for extending the media invitation to us, giving us the opportunity to cover the Press Conference and Meet & Greet in our site.

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