[COVER] Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) Fanmeet – 17/06/2001 at Rock Auditorium Suntec

Jun 17th – Kim Hyung Jun Fanmeet

It was a great success, as we hear fans roar in excitement at the auditorium throughout the Fanmeet. Charming the audience with his melodious vocal and suave dance moves, Hyung Jun never fail to impress and delight everyone in the auditorium. Along with his bubbly and humorous character, the auditorium was filled with giggles to laughter and cheers.

The opening song, “oH! aH!” alone was enough to drive the audience wild as Hyung Jun sang and danced along to this popular track.

His way of interacting with fans was amazing even though there is a language barrier. Nonetheless, he pulled it through by using his cute antics continuously to ‘wow’ the fans. Not to mention, Hyung Jun also picked up Singlish in Singapore and amused the audience with comments such as “So Sexy Leh”, “Pretty Sia” etc.

During the Fanmeet, Baby Hyung Jun also sportingly participated in the interactive games with lucky fans who were chosen to go on stage. One of them was an international fan who came to support him from Thailand, which further proved his rising popularity worldwide. Hyung Jun then drew a portrait of the fan and shyly revealed his drawing after much hiding from the camera. In return, he was received with praises from the fan and was very contented and pleased with his drawing.

On top of that, some other lucky fans were also called upon on stage to take funny pictures with him. The audience were driven wild as he picked a girl up on stage and serenade her with “I Am”, giving a rose to her on bended knees. In addition, Hyung Jun also performed popular tracks like, “Nobody But You”, “Heaven”, and “Girl”.

When asked about how he was able to sing soulfully during “Heaven”, Hyung Jun mentioned that he will think about sad happenings such as how a loved one have left him.

Here are some of the other questions asked throughout the Fanmeet:-

MC: Which artist would you like to work/collaborate with?
KHJ: I would like to work with………..”BEYONCE” (*laughs*) if i have the chance.

MC: Errr, is it because she’s sexy?!
KHJ: *laughs*

MC: Did I hear you say Park JungMin?
KHJ: oh no no… he’s not handsome, he’s not cute, he’s not sexy, he’s a horse…. *laughs*

MC: What did you think of when you come to Singapore?

KHJ: Oh, i miss the fans here, and their comments like “i love your songs” or “your song is so nice” make me want to work harder, become a better artist and bring joy to the fans by performing in front of them.

MC: How do you overcome hardships? Wasn’t there any time like that?
KHJ: Of course, there were times that i feel really down, but I have support from my family and especially my fans whom without them I won’t be here. Kamsa Hamnida (Thank You).

When asked about how he felt after reading a letter from a fan, Hyung Jun expressed that he felt sorry because he was always on the receiving side, but at the same time, he was thankful for all the support given and shown to him. He ended the Fanmeet with an encored performance of “U R Man” and “oH! aH!” once again before leaving the stage.

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