JYP group to perform end of September + JYP – Alpha audition

Good news to Singapore fans! Alpha Entertainment has recently announced that they might be bringing in one JYP group to Singapore at the end of September. The group will be revealed at a later date but here’s what that is enough to keep fans in Singapore excited about the unconfirmed concert.

There may be an audition in December organised by JYP-Alpha for alpha members attending the concert. Members and last year’s audition participants are able to catch the concert at only $50. (For last year’s participants who wish to audition again, they will each have to top up another $2o and provide details like name and tag number.

However, non-members are able to watch the concert and audition at a reasonable price of $100 too. For those who are interested in the VIP tickets, it will priced at $180 which is inclusive of VIP seats, audition, fanmeet (happening the next , posters and CDs. (limited to 500 pax)

For more details, watch this space and follow us on twitter for instant updates.

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