[UPCOMING EVENT] MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011 to be held in Singapore

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K-pop is becoming more popular in every part of the world in recent years and the Korean wave has once again hit our country with news that the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2011 – one of the biggest music awards will be staged here in Singapore in the coming November. This marks the second time where the MAMA will be hosted out of Korea (it was held in Macau in 2010).

The award ceremony includes artistes from Korea, Japan, Taiwan as well as Singapore. This is a one-time event where all K-pop fans can expect and enjoy a live award ceremony and a series of performances from their favorite artistes. There will be live broadcast in 19 countries and live streaming available online as well.

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Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011

Date: November 29th, Tuesday
Main Event: Live Broadcast from 7pm to 11pm (KST)
(Singapore Local Time – 6pm to 10pm)
Red Carpet Ceremony: 5pm to 7pm (KST)
(Singapore Local Time – 4pm to 6pm)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

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Ticket Pricings: (exclude SISTIC booking fee)
Cat. 1 to 4 – S$198
Cat. 5 – S$158
Cat. 6 – S$128
Cat. 7 – S$128*
Cat. 8 – S$98*
(* : Restricted View)

UPDATE – Tickets have all been sold out during priority and public sale. 2,000 additional standing tickets will be incorporated for sale via SISTIC on 10th November 2011.

List of Nominees:

  • Best Male Group: TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, Big Bang, Beast
  • Best Female Group: Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, f(x), SNSD, Kara
  • Best New Female Artist: Dal Shabet, Brave Girls, A Pink, Jang Jae In, Han Groo
  • Best New Male Artist: Kim Ji Su, Boyfriend, N-Train, Huh Gak & B1A4
  • Best Male Artist: Kim Bum Soo, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Hyun Joong, Sung Si Kyung, Wheesung
  • Best Female Artist: Kim Wan Sun, Baek Ji Young, Seo In Young, IU, G.Na
  • Best Solo Dance Perf: Kim Hyun Joong, G.Na, Hyun-A, Jang Woo Hyuk, Jay Park
  • Best Group Dance Perf (Male): TVXQ, Beast, Big Bang, Super Junior, MBLAQ, Infinite
  • Best Group Dance Perf (Female): SNSD, Secret, T-Ara, 4 Minute, 2NE1, Miss A
  • Best Band Performance: CNBLUE, FT Island, Jang Kiha and The Faces, YB, Jaurim
  • Best Rap Performance: Leessang, Mighty Mouth, Clover, Tablo, Simon D
  • Best Vocal Performance Solo: IU, Lee Hyun, Huh Gak, K. Will, Kim GunMo
  • Best Vocal Performance Group: 2AM, 2NE1, Davichi, Sistar19, 4MEN
  • Best O.S.T: Baek Ji Young, IU, Im Jae Bum, Tae Yeon, Huh Gak
  • Best MV: Big Bang’s “Love Song”, Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sixth Sense”, Sunny Hill’s “Midnight Circus”, Jang Kiha and The Faces’ “Just to Know Each Other”, UV’s “Itaewon Freedom”
  • Song of the Year: Kim Kunmo’s “It’s Sadder Than Yesterday”, Kim Hyun Joong’s “Break Down”, Davichi’s “Don’t Say Goodbye”, TVXQ’s “(Why) Keep Your Head Down”, 2NE1′s “I’m the Best”, 4Men’s “Once While Living”, Hyun-A’s “Bubble Pop”, Tablo’s “Bad”, T-Ara’s “Roly Poly”, Leessang’s “Turned Off the TV”, Mighty Mouth’s “Tok Tok”, Jay Park’s “Abandoned”, Baek Ji Young’s “That Woman” (Secret Garden), Beast’s “Fiction”, Big Bang’s “Tonight”, SNSD’s “The Boys”, Super Junior’s “Mr Simple”, Secret’s “Shy Boy”, Sistar19′s “Ma Boy”, IU’s “Good Day”, MBLAQ’s “Mona Lisa”, Lee Hyun’s “You’re the Best of My Life”, Infinite’s “Be Mine”, Yim Jae Bum’s “Love” (City Hunter), Jaurim’s “IDOL”, Jang Kiha and The Faces’ “Just Know Each Other”, Jang Woo Hyuk’s “Time is (L)over”, Clover’s “La Vida Loca”, Tae Yeon’s “I Love You” (Athena), Huh Gak’s “Hello”, 2AM’s “YWAC”, CN Blue’s “Intuition”, FT Island’s “Hello Hello”, G.Na’s “Black & White”, K. Will’s “My Heart is Beating”, Miss A’s “Goodbye Baby”, Simon D’s “Cheerz”, YB’s “Find the Dream Breaker”
  • Artist of the Year: Kim Bum Soo, Kim Wan Sun, Kim Ji Su, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Hyun Joong, Dal Shabet, TVXQ, Super Junior, Baek Ji Young, Boyfriend, Brown Eyed Girls, Brave Girls, Beast, Big Bang, Seo In Young, Sung Si Kyung, SNSD, IU, A Pink, N-Train, Jang Jae In, Kara, Han Groo, Huh Gak, Wheesung, 2NE1, 2PM, B1A4, f(x), G.Na.

Artistes Outline:

  • Lee Byung-hun
  • Song Seung-heon
  • Song Joong-ki
  • Park Si-hoo
  • Ji-sung
  • Ko Soo
  • Kim Soo-hyun
  • Kim Hee-seon
  • Han Chae-young
  • Yoon Eun-hye
  • Han Hyo-joo
  • Kim Min-hee
  • Kang Sora
  • Bae Soo-bin
  • Nam Gyu-ri
  • Park Si-yeon
  • Yoon Seong-ah
  • Kim Sung-soo
  • Oh Ji-ho
  • Kim Hyun Joong
  • 2NE1
  • Super Junior
  • Girls’ Generation
  • Miss A
  • Hyun-A
  • Simon D
  • YB
  • Dynamic Duo
  • A-pink
  • Huh Gak
  • Baek Ji Young
  • Ulala Session
  • 2 Months
  • Lee Gun Yul
  • Will.I.Am & Apl.de.ap (from Black Eyed Peas’)
  • Lang Lang (Chinese-pianist)
  • Jane Zhang Liang Ying (China)
  • Zhang Yun Jing (Taiwan)
  • Dick Lee (Singapore)
  • Koda Kumi (Japan)
  • Vision Wei Chen
  • Snoop Dog
  • Dr Dre

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Source: Mnet Official Page

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