[COVER] SHINee World Concert in Singapore

10th September 2011 – SHINee The 1st Concert in Singapore

The night was truly amazing and unforgettable. On this very day, the 5 boys (Onew, Minho, Jonghyun, Key & Taemin) from SM Entertainment held their first solo-concert in SingaporeSHINee World Concert. Being able to witness this concert happening right on this little red dot was probably one of the most terrific and mind-blowing moments for all 6,000 Shawols (SHINee fans) in the Singapore Indoor Stadium.


As soon as doors to the stadium were opened, the seats and mosh pit areas were all filled up quickly by excited fans within an hour and a half. The concert was ready to begin with Shawols cheering eagerly for the boys and waving their pearlescent blue lightsticks in the air. Finally, the spectacular moment where everyone was awaiting for have arrived. Stage lights were flickering with music playing in the background – The SHINee World Concert had begun.Donned in dashing black outfits, the boys appeared from different parts of the stage and kick-start the concert with The SHINee World (Doo-Bop).

After the opening song, SHINee continued with Señorita, a track off their 2nd mini-album Romeo. Following, they brought the house down with Get Down, an absolutely dynamic performance I say. Right next, the boys performed AMIGO and surprised the fans during the mid-act as they took off to the air by hanging and supporting themselves using the wired stage props. It was doubtlessly an eye-opening live performance for all of us.


After the stunning performance, SHINee carried on with everyone’s favorite Juliette, a song whose lyrics are written by Jonghyun himself. Once again, Jonghyun suspended himself in the air using the wired props – this time he tried shooting fireworks while he was in the mid-air too! It was definitely a highly-impressive performance put up by the boys, as all eyes were glued to them throughout the concert.

SHINee came back on stage with Hello, a familiar song to everyone as we hear fans singing along with the boys who were seated down. They began the opening ment when the song ended and greeted the audience in their high-spirited self, saying how much they miss the Singapore fans here.



The next song was Your Name, followed by Stand By Me, a popular OST track off the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers and Love Should Go On. The members retreated backstage for Taemin’s solo stage of Romeo and Juliette, joined by two children who performed in the opening act of the song. These two Singaporean children were casted and selected by FLY Entertainment and SM Entertainment respectively to be part of the much-admired SHINee World Concert in Singapore.


Right after Taemin was Jonghyun’s solo stage of Lost Love. Fans were waving their lightsticks along as Jonghyun engaged the audience in his high-pitched and strong vocal. Minho’s solo performance was next, as he appeared on stage in his charismatic self with the track OMG. Shawols were all driven wild when his white suit came unbuttoned, revealing his toned chest as he danced swiftly along to the track.


Next up on stage was Key’s solo performance of My First Kiss and he was joined by a lady with a blonde wig… And who would have guessed that the “lady” was none other than Taemin who cross-dressed! We bet that was truly an unforgettable memory for all Shawols that night.

The next few songs performed by SHINee were A-Yo, Romantic, Obsession and Graze. During Graze, the boys sang soulfully while seated on the white chairs on a rotating platform. The concert atmosphere was further liven and hyped up when the five boys returned on stage with their debut track, Replay. They also performed Love Like Oxygen, Quasimodo, Life, and not forgetting Onew’s solo stage of an opera-like song, Nessun Dorma (from Turandot), which was highly anticipated by all fans in the stadium.

One of the most memorable moments as I recalled, was during the performance of A Child In the Island House, when a young child appeared on stage but slipped and fell… The next moment we knew, the members were up in the air, dressed up in white with the resemblance of an angel. It ended off with Onew springing into the air with a pair of angel wings as he embraced the little child on stage. At that instant, everyone was moved by the scene which showed us a different side of the boys other than their usual playful self – just like how angelic they could be at times too.


With their swift and powerful dance moves, SHINee also rocked the stadium with Ring Ding Dong, Up & Down, Ready or Not and Lucifer. Armed with metal gloves with laser, the boys once again took off to the air during the mid-performance of Lucifer, much to the surprise and excitement of many. All of them retired backstage after the performance and that was when the crowd started chanting “SHINee! SHINee! SHINee” for an encore stage.


The cheers got louder when the boys returned back on stage in SHINee World Concert tees with an encore performance of JoJo, followed by Bodyguard. We got to mention that the boys were really energetic and active throughout the concert even though it was coming to an end. The members started throwing colorful balls to the fans and splashing water on one another while they were thanking the audience during the ending ment.

Last but not least, they had their final song One, which concluded the end of SHINee World Concert. Everyone in the stadium, including SHINee, sang a Happy Birthday song to Key whose birthday happened to fall in the month of September. Jonghyun even added cheekily, “Key, I love you!, causing all Shawols to explode in cheers. With that, the concert had officially came to an end.

On behalf of all, HallyuSG would like to thank Running Into The Sun, Conceptual and the FLY Entertainment team for presenting SHINee World Concert in Singapore and making it possible. We would also like to express our gratitude to them for extending the media invitation to us, allowing us the opportunity to cover the concert in our site.

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SHINee The 1st Concert in Singapore is proudly brought to you by:
Concert Organisers: Running Into The Sun and Conceptual
Official Sponsor: Hewlett Packard (HP)
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