[COVER] RaNia First Showcase In Singapore

18th September 2011 – RaNia Live in Singapore 

Held at Club Butterfly last weekend, RaNia had their two sets of showcases in Singapore which consisted of an autograph session coupled with live performances. A press conference was held prior to the first set of showcase and we had the chance to meet with the girls for some questions.


Q: If you were to appear in the variety program “We Got Married”, who would you choose as your partner?
Joy: I will choose Jay Park because he is my favorite singer. I love his talents and he looks protective too.

Q: Could you share with us a brief introduction of the members in the group?
RaNia: Jooyi is the main vocalist. She loves dogs and is a very funny girl. Di is always together with Xia wherever they go. Saem is the leader and she loves dogs. In the group she is very funny and likes to act pretty too. Riko can speak fluently in Japanese. Joy is a Thai and Di always treats her as a younger sister even though Joy is older. T-ae is the youngest in the group but she does not look like her age. Instead, she looks like the same age as the rest of us.

Q: It’s RaNia’s first visit to Singapore. Is there anything that you wish to try here?
RaNia: Shopping! We would like to visit the Marina Bay Sands and try the famous food in Singapore too.

Q: Is RaNia preparing for your new album and will you go for a cute and lively concept instead of sexy?
RaNia: It will be a Secret! However, we will be working with a famous producer for our next album.

Q: Are there any diet concerns in the group?
RaNia: We love to eat and will control by exercising regularly.

Before the press conference came to an end, the girls also expressed their gratitude to fans who came to support them for their first showcase in Singapore.

Later that evening, the first set of showcase commenced with an autograph session by the group. Fans were allowed to go on stage to have their albums signed personally by all members of RaNia. The girls were even seen posing cheerfully for the fans and cameras after the fansign ended.

The night was further hyped up when the girls came back on stage with the live performances of Dr Feel Good, Masquerade, Baby V.O.X’s By Chance & Stand Up for Love. During the interval, there were also lucky draws where fans were chosen to go up on stage and personally receive an exclusive autographed album from RaNia. Fans also sang a Happy Birthday song in unison to T-ae whose birthday happened to fall in that following week.

The first set of showcase came to an end where RaNia retreated backstage to prepare for their second set of showcase which was to be held later that night. The second set of showcase was held at the same venue and was only open to those of age 18 and above.

RaNia performed the same outline of songs and fans had the chance to perform on the stage right infront of them. They had to dance to the track of “Dr Feel Good” and RaNia would be the final judges for the winner who will walk away with an exclusive autographed album. It was truly an entertaining moment for all of us and we bet the girls had an amazing time that night too.

Special thanks to Jig Asia Entertainment and The Artist Connection for inviting us to the press conference as well as the two sets of showcases.

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