[COVER] TVXQ! brings the house down at their Asia Fan Party in Singapore!

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December 4th, 2011 – TVXQ! Asia Fan Party in Singapore

Dubbed with the title of “Kings of the Hallyu Wave“, the duo from TVXQ! certainly hyped-up the whole atmosphere at their Asia Fan Party in Singapore last weekend. Recognized as one of Asia’s most successful acts, TVXQ!, otherwise known as Tong Vfang Xien Qi or Dong Bang Shin Ki, consisted of U-know Yunho & Choikang Changmin. It was the duo’s first visit to Singapore since their debut which saw hundreds of fans turning up at the airport to welcome them a day prior to their fan party in Singapore.
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Held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, this was the first largest scale Korean pop fan party which attracted a total of 4,500 local and international fans. Of which, included fans who have specially flown in from neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & Philippines in order to catch TVXQ! live in action. Fans were seen queuing up outside the stadium as early as 6am in the morning just to secure a good standing spot to catch the boys up-close.
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The stadium was lighted up in a sea of red as soon as the fan party commenced. Fans were treated to a full version of Before U Go music video which lasted for 16-minutes long before the boys finally appeared on stage and opened their fan party with an energetic performance of Maximum.
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Decked in dashing white outfits, TVXQ! greeted the fans and proceeded with a Q&A section on stage which was the next segment of the fan party.

Yunho: This is my first visit to Singapore. I’m so happy to meet my fans here. Please enjoy tonight!

Changmin: Thank you to all who came down tonight to watch us perform. We hope you guys will enjoy tonight!

With Singapore being the first South East Asian stop for TVXQ! Asia Fan Party, Yunho had also expressed that he could feel the heat, energy and love from the fans here. On a Yes/No question posted by the emcee of whether Orchid is the national flower of Singapore, Changmin answered “Yes!” and cheekily admitted that it was because the fans were signalling a ‘Yes’ to him. The boys also tried to converse in Singlish, to which phrases like “No problem LAH“, “Chilli crab in Singapore is SHIOK” & “ALAMAK! So many fans are here!” were heard.

Thereafter, a footage video of SM Town Live in Paris 2011 was screened while the duo retreated backstage to prepare for their next ballad performance, How Can I. It was so captivating and mesmerizing such that they had the entire stadium of fans waving and singing along too!

Here are some of the emcee/fan-questions asked during the fan party which garnered interesting and heartwarming responses from the boys:

Emcee: What is your impression of Singapore fans?
Changmin: Singapore is a very clean and tidy country. The fans gave us a very warmth welcome on arrival, to which we were really thankful for that.

Emcee: You’ve been to the SM Town Live Concert in Paris this year. Is there any difference between European and Singaporean fans?

Yunho: Hmm… That’s a tough question.. But no matter what, the warmth we received from the fans is the same. However, the wait for our Singapore fans had been too long, so at this moment, we felt more warmth and passion here.

Fan: Is there anything different that you’ve seen in Singapore Cassies? Did you expect something different?
Changmin: It was different from what I had expected. Singapore fans are very passionate and gave us more energy. We’re so happy to see so many fans here as we were worried of being forgotten.

Fan: What is TVXQ’s plan in 2012?
Yunho: We were planning on having a tour concert in Japan in 2012 and will be producing even better music for our comeback. Please look forward to it!

Fan: How about TVXQ’s new year resolution?
TVXQ: After seeing so many fans here today, our new year resolution is to come back to Singapore again and perform for all of you here.

Fan: What is your favorite local food in Singapore?
Changmin: Chilli crab, pepper crab! We tried it the night before and it’s really delicious and tasty!

Fan: TVXQ started off as singers and moving on to take on different roles in dramas and musicals. Which identity is your favorite and what do you like in each aspect?
Yunho: All of these identities are a good experience for us to learn and I like them all, but being TVXQ is still the best. I think Changmin feels the same way as well. We just have to keep pushing the boundaries and keep exploring every new opportunity. It will be a long learning journey for us but please look forward to it.

Emcee: What is the best thing of working with each other?
Yunho: As a leader, I get a lot of stress in work but Changmin is always here for me so I felt really grateful.

Proceeding after the talk segment was the screening of the top 2 fan-made videos for TVXQ!. Having watched the videos, the boys expressed that they were really moved by all the effort and love shown by the fans. There were times when they felt like giving up but fans are always around for them, giving them the energy to stand on stage and perform, for which they were very thankful towards.

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The fan party continued with the making-of footages of Before U Go music video before the boys returned with a mind-blowing performance of Before U Go, followed by TVXQ! medley of The Way U Are & Mirotic, Rising Sun and last but not least, Why? (Keep Your Head Down).

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On the ending speech, Changmin wished for everyone to have a good December and of course, a joyful Christmas. He also added, “If there is a chance, we’ll definitely be back!” Said Yunho, “We’ll bring our best to you always. Please give us lots of love! I love you, Singapore!”

With that, it concluded the first stop of TVXQ! Fan Party in Asia. It was truly an unforgettable night for all Cassies and fans in the stadium, wasn’t it? Certainly an awesome party to mark the ending month of the year for us! 😉
Special thanks to Southern Star (S2) Entertainment & Saffron Communications for extending the invitation to us to cover the fan party.

All photos in this post are fully credited to S.M Entertainment.

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