[COVER] Do You Wanna B 'Block B' Singapore Showcase

28th December 2011 – Do You Wanna B ‘Block B’ Press Conference / Meet & Greet Session


Visiting Singapore for the first time, Block B held a Fan Meet & Greet session at Tampines Mall, Level 4 Open Plaza a day prior to their showcase. During the press conference, the group appeared in black with dashing white suits, looking all ready to answer questions from the set & media.

Consisting of 7 members namely Zico (Woo Ji Ho), Lee Taeil, B-Bomb (Lee Min Hyuk), Ahn Jaehyo, U-Kwon (Kim Yu Kwon), Park Kyung, and P.O. (Pyo Ji Hoon), the boys were seen in their energetic self throughout the press conference, enjoying it as much as everyone who were present there. When asked about their impression of Singapore, leader Zico expressed that Singapore is a very clean country with nice and friendly people.

Having only debuted in April 2011, Block B had since garnered the interest of many with their swift dance moves, singing, rapping and composing abilities. Each individual in the group has their own charm and charisma, and we got to agree that all of them have great personalities as well!

Here are some of the questions prompted by the media during the press conference:

Q: Which Korean food best represents your personality?
P.O.: Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice). I have a husky deep voice, which stands out in the group just like how Bibimbap stands out due to its distinctive and rich flavour.
U-Kwon: Shikhye (Sweet Rice Dessert). I chose this because it represents my sweet smile.
Park Kyung: Kimchi. Reason being that it is fermented and doesn’t rot easily. I want to be as flavorful as Kimchi! (Does the Peace sign and exclaimed “Kimchi!” ^^V)
Zico: Makgeolli (also pronounced/known as Makkoli). It is a Korean rice wine, where not just people in Korea can enjoy it, but also everyone all over the world too.
Taeil: Kimchi. It has a unique flavour and at the same time, it tastes sweet & sour too. Just like me, I’m probably not that good looking but also not that bad looking, having the unique look and character in the group! ^_^
B-Bomb: Ramyun. No, no… Donggeurang Ttaeng! (Pan fried patty with tofu, meat & vegetables). It’s round and cute, just like me!

Jaehyo: Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly). You can’t eat this by itself as you have to eat it with other bites or drinks. Also, you need to wait for it to cook well. So just like me, you’ll need time and patience to know me well.
Q: You guys live together in the same dorm. Is there any bad habit(s) among the members?

Zico: Taeil has a foul foot odor.
Taeil: I agree!
Zico: Kyung snores and talks in his sleep. He even farts too! But it is not smelly as it is the smell of knowledge.

Q: Some of you have collaborated with other artistes such as Zico with HyunA. Are there any artistes whom you would like to collaborate with in the near future?
Jaehyo: Younha. I want to do a ballad song with her.
B-Bomb: I have not thought much about it but I would like to collaborate with U-Kwon for a dance next time.

Q: We know that Block B has been preparing for the upcoming new album. Tell us what is different for this album and who do you think has improved the most?
Park Kyung: I think that I have improved the most for the preparation of the album. For the upcoming album, there will be a rap for the introduction and we have placed all title songs into the album so please look forward to it. We have worked very hard for this.

Q: What is your impression of our Singapore BBCs when you arrived at the airport?

U-Kwon: We did not know what to expect from our Singaporean fans as it’s our first visit here. We were really surprised by the huge turnout of fans at the airport and I think B-Bomb is the most popular member among all of us in Singapore.
Q: Since you guys live together in the same dormitory, what are some of the house duties that each member is in charge of?
Taeil: I do the cleaning and laundry.
P.O.: I am the youngest, so I usually fold the socks and arrange the shoes.
Park Kyung: I don’t do any chores. I help to liven up the atmosphere!
P.O.: I don’t agree!
Q: If there is one thing you could say to each other, what would it be?
(Everyone started targeting Jaehyo… ^_^)
P.O.: When Jaehyo hyung talked about the way that Samgyeopsal represented him, it was a bit overdone!
U-Kwon: Jaehyo’s voice tone and volume is a little too low today!
Kyung: His (Jaehyo) smile is a bit too much!
Zico: Jaehyo’s white tie doesn’t match with the suit!
Taeil: The bracelet on his (Jaehyo) left hand is a little too much today too!
B-Bomb: We (with Jaehyo) are sharing the same room in the hotel but why is it with me?!
Jaehyo: Everything is my fault today. (*Everyone starts laughing*)

Q: Zico plays a large part towards the production of the upcoming new album. Where does he get the musical influence from?

Zico: I watch a lot of music videos from all various artistes and got my inspirations to make music from there.

The press conference wrapped up with a photo session of the group before it came to an end. On the same evening, the Fan Meet & Greet session which took place at Tampines Mall, drew as many as hundreds of fans to the venue to catch a glimpse of the boys.
Block B arrived shortly according to the scheduled timing and greeted the fans earnestly and enthusiastically before they commenced with the autograph session that night.

The boys even received a special fan-made Christmas tree as a gift too!


After the autograph session, the boys took a short break where Zico then expressed that he really really love Singapore, causing fans to scream in their loudest for Block B. Without further ado, they continued with the Hi-5 session as part of the Meet & Greet program and happily Hi-5 the fans on stage.

The Meet & Greet session concluded with Zico adding that they were very grateful towards the fans and that Block B will be back with better music where fans can look forward to soon.

29th December 2011 – Do You Wanna B ‘Block B’ Singapore Showcase

Taking place at St James Powerstation, Powerhouse the following day, Block B held their first Singapore showcase which saw fans queuing up outside the venue since morning just to secure a good standing spot to catch the boys up-close.

The showcase kicked off with a performance of Halo, followed by a dance competition with lucky fans on stage. 7 fans were selected to go up on stage and pair up with each individual member to create their own dance choreography. Despite the (Korean) language barrier among Block B and the fans, there was not much of a problem in communicating with one another. It was really fun to see all of them working out the dance movements within minutes on stage and eventually, the winning team went to Taeil & his partner!


The next game segment was Action Charades where the boys had to act out different characters for the fan to guess it. Some of the interesting characters acted out were Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Popeye, Mermaid, and Lady Gaga. We were pretty sure that their expressions and actions certainly brought much joy and laughter to all the fans who were present on that night!


Some other songs performed on that night were Wanna B, Freeze, and Tell Me. When it was close to the end of the showcase, the fans surprised B-Bomb (14th Dec) and Jaehyo (23rd Dec) with a birthday song and a cake as both of their birthday happened to fall in December. The Singapore BBC fanclub also prepared a short video clip for Block B as well!

During the encore stage, Block B performed Let’s Get Retarded and P.O. even changed into a shirt given by the Singapore BBCs too! Since it was still during the Christmas season, the boys were seen walking around the stage, distributing candies to the fans. It was definitely a fun-filled and unforgettable showcase put up by Block B for all fans that night.

Before the showcase came to an end, Block B also mentioned that they would like to show their fans better music in the next album which Zico specially produced every song in it. We’re definitely looking forward to their comeback and we’re certain that you do too!

Special thanks to Reer Media for the opportunity to cover Do You Wanna B ‘Block B’ press conference, fan meet & greet as well as the showcase.

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