[MNET] Mnet Media launches a web site dedicated to Big Bang in conjunction with their comeback!

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Having dominated several music portal sites and charts such as Naver, MelOn, Nate, and Dosirak since the official release of their “Blue” music video, Big Bang is ready and determined to make their comeback a fierce one.

Surpassing over 5 million views of their MV on Youtube within 2 days, Big Bang is scheduled to reveal a short teaser of each title track every day till 29th February, where their fifth mini album “Alive” will then be released.

In conjunction with their comeback, Mnet Media has launched a special web site dedicated to Big Bang which contains everything about them, from their debut days till current promotions. Fans could also have the opportunity to participate in a short “All About Big Bang” quiz where they might stand a chance to walk away with an autographed Big Bang shirt!

For more information, do check out the web site created by Mnet Media here:

Catch Big Bang’s latest release of “Blue” MV below if you haven’t done so!

Credit: HallyuSG
Source: Mnet Media

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