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19th February 2012 – Super Junior Super Show 4 Concert in Singapore (Day 2)


Super Show 4 was indeed an electrifying and dynamic concert, as we witnessed how the members of Super Junior charmed the crowd during their almost 4-hour long concert on their 2nd night here. Held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Super Show 4 attracted more than 11,000 audience for both nights, once again proving the immense popularity of the Super Junior boys. The stadium was filled with a sea of pearl sapphire blue with E.L.Fs (Fans of SJ) waving their lightsticks and cheering loudly for the boys.

We got to agree that the concert was really fantastic and stunning, having completed with amazing laser effects and pyrotechnics that pretty sums up to a total production value of S$2 million. The stage was set up in a way such that Super Junior members were able to interact with fans at a close distance besides performing on the main stage itself. The opening of the concert gave us a really strong impact as it began with Superman, one of our top favorites for that night. Some other popular songs performed were Bonamana (Remix Version), You’re My Endless Love, Wonder Boy, Walkin’, etc.

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The boys also performed Oops along with Sulli and Amber from f(x), who flew all the way from South Korea to attend their concert as guests. It was pretty heartwarming seeing the members doing a saluting sign to fellow member Hee Chul, who appeared on screen awhile during the performance of Oops. Unfortunately, Hee Chul wasn’t able to attend the concert as he’s currently serving in the National Service.

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Besides group performances, the members also have their own solos which showed a different side of themselves. Some highlights of the solos:
  • Henry was the first to perform his solo songs where he showed off his guitar, keyboard and violin skills on stage while singing along to The Lazy Song and Lighters.
  • Eunhyuk sure had a lot of fun on stage with Say My Name! Fans were shouting and cheering real loud for ‘Lee Hyukjae‘!
  • Sung Min performed One In A Million where fans got to admire his dance moves and see his charismatic self!
  • When it comes to being romantic, Kyuhyun doesn’t lose out to others too! Singing, playing piano and harmonica are his ways of capturing the ladies’ hearts as he performed to Isn’t She Lovely.
  • Ryeo Wook showed off his sexy side as he impressed the fans with his dance moves along to the upbeat song, Moves Like Jagger.
  • Leeteuk is another romantic guy, moving around the stage handling out stalks of roses to the fans after his saxophone and piano performance. He also presented a rose to a random lady while singing along to She.
  • Got to say that we love Shin Dong‘s solo performance! He parodied HyunA’s Trouble Maker and Bubble Pop, which got the fans screaming for more!
  • Zhou Mi chose a Mandarin song 不留纪念 and we were certainly mesmerized by his captivating vocals!
  • Along with John from 3rd Wave Music, Siwon performed Your Grace is Enough while strumming along to the guitar.
  • Yesung sang his souls out for One Man, a song of Kim Jong Kook’s.
  • Donghae surprised the fans with a Mandarin song 这是爱, which is the ost from Skip-Beat! drama. After which, he was joined by Eunhyuk on stage for Oppa Oppa. The duo had really good chemistry with each other such that their dance moves were always in sync!

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Another of our favorite performance was Good Friends, where we got a good laugh after seeing how the members were dressed up like. Siwon was dressed up as Superman, Sung Min as Marilyn Monroe, Shindong as Britney Spears, Leeteuk as Hulk Hogan, Eunhyuk as a white bird, Ryeowook as Gollum, Kyuhyun as Steve Jobs, Yesung as Chucky, and Donghae as Charlie Chaplin. These 9 boys gave off a really cute impression and we bet the audience enjoyed the performance as much as them too!

There were also performances of their hit songs, such as A-Cha, Mr Simple, Don’t Don, Feels Good, You & I, Our Love, etc. with the encore stages of Sorry Sorry, Miracle and Destiny. During Our Love, E.L.Fs filled the entire stadium with white lights and even prepared heart placards to wave along, which eventually got Lee Teuk and Shin Dong tearing after witnessing this beautiful scene.

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Having performed a total of 36 songs throughout the concert, Super Junior definitely left their fans screaming for more. As what Leeteuk had mentioned during their press conference in Singapore, this is not the end but an ‘And’. He promised that Super Junior will definitely comeback again with an awesome show, and we certainly look forward to that, don’t we? 🙂

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