[COVER] Super Show 4 Press Conference in Singapore

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19th February 2012 – Super Junior Super Show 4 Press Conference in Singapore

Super Junior returned to Singapore to hold their two-night sold-out concerts and we managed to catch up with them during the press conference before their second day concert. The boys have expressed that they were really happy to be back in Singapore as there’s so much to see and eat over here. They especially love the Pepper Crab dish in Singapore and even wanted to bring it back to Korea and launch this dish in their country. The leader of the group, Leeteuk, also added that if given an opportunity, they would like to re-visit Singapore for a holiday too!

Here are some of the questions prompted by the media during the press conference:

Q: What is the biggest difference between Super Show 3 and Super Show 4?
Leeteuk: The difference between SS3 and SS4 is that we have more movable stages which make the concert more dynamic and dramatic. It will be much more visually appealing to all.

Q: If each of you could choose to be another Super Junior member, who would it be and why?
Shindong: I would like to be Ryeowook. He has a very clear voice when he sings, and he’s been working out pretty much so he has nice abs, for which this is something I’m really envious and jealous of.
Ryeowook: I want to be Shindong because he’s handsome and has a good appetite! I can eat as much as I want if I become him.
Sungmin: I would like to be Kyuhyun as he has a wonderful voice and he is also the maknae (youngest member) of the group. I feel that he has an advantage for being the youngest.

Q: During the performance of “Good Friends”, all of you played different characters, such as Siwon as the Superman, Eunhyuk as a white bird. Why were you in these characters and is there any special significance behind it?
Leeteuk: Shindong was dressed up as Britney Spears.
Shindong: I have a lot of similarities as her. (Leeteuk: Example?) I’m as sexy as Britney Spears!
Leeteuk: Sungmin was dressed up as Marilyn Monroe.
Sungmin: It was Leeteuk’s recommendation and the response was huge so I’m happy with that.
Donghae: I was dressed up as Charlie Chaplin because all the members have recommended me to.
Kyuhyun: I was dressed up as Steve Jobs as he’s someone whom I really respect and I love the brand as well. There was a scene where I was eating an apple and through that, I wanted to promote the brand indirectly. It turned out that the response was huge!
Leeteuk: When he dressed up as Steve Jobs, the fans gave him a nickname as “Steve Jobs Kyu”.
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Q: What was the most memorable moment from your first night’s concert?
Leeteuk: When we were performing ‘Our Love’, fans lighted up the stadium with white lights and we were very touched by their support.

Q: Super Show 4 went to Taiwan previously and the fans did something that got you guys crying. How do you guys feel at the moment and are you expecting something similar from Singapore fans as well?
Leeteuk: Regardless of which country that we perform in, we are always touched by the love and support from fans. This doesn’t change no matter where we go. This time in Singapore, since tonight will be our last day of the concert, I’m not sure if we would cry…We are just so happy to be here with the fans.

Q: Do you have anything to say to the E.L.Fs in Singapore, especially since Leeteuk is going into army soon?
Leeteuk: Despite the fact that we don’t come to Singapore as often as we wish to, we are really thankful and grateful towards fans who are always supporting us. Even though I’m going into the army soon, this is not the end as the rest of the Super Junior members will continue and I will join them as soon as I’m out of army. We will definitely be back for another awesome show so please look forward to it.

Q: What is Super Junior’s plan to make 2012 a special and memorable year?
Leeteuk: We are going to make it a memorable year by successfully completing Super Junior World tour. We also have a long series of schedule lined up for us and many events planned for the fans, so please look out for them and continue to give us support.

Q: Any personal or group wish for the year?
Siwon: As a group, we always wish to be able to give hope and happiness to the fans and everyone else who listens to our songs. We will always strive harder to achieve that.

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Special thanks to Running Into The Sun for the opportunity to attend the press conference. All photos in this post are fully credited to Running Into The Sun.

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