[COVER] SISTAR & Boyfriend Joint Press Conference and Fan Meeting in Singapore

26th February 2012 – SISTAR & Boyfriend Press Conference in Singapore


Holding a joint fan meeting in Singapore for the first time, labelmates SISTAR and Boyfriend have both expressed that they were really thankful for the warm welcome and overwhelming support from fans who went to receive them at the airport on their arrival. The press conference commenced with Boyfriend sharing more on their group, followed by a photo-call with Thai Boyband B.O.P, and finally a talk session with SISTAR members.

Boyfriend consists of 6 members, namely Kim Donghyun, Shim Hyunseong, No Minwoo, Jo Kwangmin, Jo Youngmin and Lee Jeongmin (from left to right above). Catching our attention from a look are the identical twin brothers in the group, Kwangmin and Youngmin. When asked if there are any benefits or problems of having a brother in the same group, the twins told us that they don’t see any disadvantage about it. Instead, older brother Youngmin feels that it is a form of advantage as they can always support and be there for each other during down times.

Check out Boyfriend’s responses to some other questions asked during the media conference:
Q: Tell us what differentiates Boyfriend from other boybands?
Donghyun: I feel that all of us have diverse characters, not just having one trait alone, so that probably make us stand out.

Q: What do you think could make for an ideal boyfriend type?
Donghyun: An ideal boyfriend type would be someone who stands by his girlfriend at all times and always be there for her.

Q: Which member in Boyfriend eats the most? What is his favorite food?
(All pointed to Hyunseong in unison)
Hyunseong: I like bread and ice cream, something that is fattening.
(Emcee: So do you work out a lot?)
Hyunseong: Yes, as much as I love to eat, I exercise and work out a lot too.

Q: As a boyband, is/are there any senior group(s) you look up to as your role model? Also, what are some of the members’ habits?
Minwoo: I look up to SHINee as my role models, mainly because they have a very good stage presence and always impress the fans with awesome performances as well as their powerful vocals. I like everything about them.
Donghyun: Minwoo has a unique habit, whereby he often talks and answers himself in his sleep.
(Emcee: Who sleeps the most in the group then?)
(All pointed to Youngmin in unison)
Youngmin: But I don’t agree…I just can’t really hear people trying to wake me up. (^_^)

Q: Does any member in the group collect any collectibles/accessories?
Donghyun: I love shopping, so I like to collect clothes.
Kwangmin: I used to like Pokemon when I was much younger. When the fans found out about it, they started showering me with all kinds of Pokemon gifts so I ended up with a whole collection of them.
Q: If you could have a date with a girl of your dreams, what hidden talent would you impress her with?

Jeongmin: If I have a girl I like, I would love to play the piano and sing my self-composed song for her.

Kwangmin: I would bring her out to a crowded place and confess my love to her.

Q: What is Boyfriend’s favorite concept from your albums and what kind of concept would you like to try in future?
Donghyun: My personal favorite concept was the army outfit which we were dressed in while promoting for “Don’t Touch My Girl“. It makes us look manly and masculine in a way. As an idol group, I feel that we always have to portray different images for the fans all the time, so we will definitely comeback with a new image.
(Emcee: Any image or style that you guys would like to try for the time being?)
Minwoo: So far Boyfriend has been portraying either a cute or manly image, but next time in the future we would like to take on a sexy concept.
With that, Boyfriend concluded their media conference, handling over the floor to labelmates SISTAR to continue with the session. Comprising of 4 members, SISTAR is formed with Soyu, Bora, Hyorin and Dasom (from left to right below).


Q: What is SISTAR’s first impression of Singapore?

Hyorin: We’re so glad and thankful to be here. The fans are very passionate and we are excited to see that Singapore is such a nice and clean city to be in.

Q: Any favorite food in Singapore?
Dasom: I’ve actually been to Singapore once with my family 10 years ago and we tried chilli crab back then. It was absolutely fabulous! We’re so happy that we can try it again this time. As compared to 10 years back, I feel that cleanliness of the city and friendliness of the people still remains the same. The only difference is that there are more modern skyscrapers and new buildings that I have never seen before. Singapore is now so much more modernized!

Q: How do SISTAR usually find time to train yourselves and keep in shape?
Hyorin: Due to our busy schedule, we don’t have much time so we would usually do a lot of stretching and simple exercises on our own at home. We also try to avoid fattening food and eat more healthier ones.

Q: We know that Hyorin has participated in Dream High 2. Could you share with us more about acting in the drama? Secondly, SISTAR members are known to participate actively in variety programs (eg. Idol Star Athletics), with all of you being such good runners. What is your secret to it?
Hyorin: I acted as ‘Nana’ in Dream High 2 and the character is more feminine and toned down as compared to my actual character/personality. I’m much more cheerful and lively in person.
Bora: To be honest, all of us were surprised by our own athletic sense in a way. We didn’t know that we were that good in running too, as we just tried our very best to win the race. There’s no secret to it, and we were proud of the results too.

Q: With SISTAR’s album entitled ‘So Cool’, can you share with us what is the coolest thing about each member?
Dasom: As the maknae (youngest member) of SISTAR, I feel that our members are pretty cool in their characters, especially Hyorin. She wouldn’t keep it in mind nor hold any grudges after a little argument with someone else, and she would be all ready to talk to the person again. Personally, I think I will keep it in mind longer than the rest of the members.
Hyorin: Even though Dasom said she’ll keep it in mind longer than us, we don’t agree with her. In general, all the members are cool and cheerful in our characters.

Q: Besides singing, are there other areas that the members would like to try out?
Dasom: Personally, I am interested in acting and I think the rest of the members are as well.
Bora: If given the chance, we would love to explore different areas and stretch out our talents, be it acting, or emceeing. Many have asked me why I do not pursue sports as a second career. I feel that since I’m already a singer, I would like to try out areas like hosting or acting.

Q: Having to travel overseas often due to SISTAR’s schedules, what are some of the tips you have to protect your skin?
Soyu: We are really concern with our skin especially when we have to travel to other countries as there will definitely be a change in the environment. We take into notice of what we eat and try to avoid fattening food, sleep as early as we can, and also put on facial masks at night.
Dasom: All of us prefer the warm weather in Singapore the moment we arrived here, because Korea is really freezing cold at this period of time.

Q: Are there any role models for SISTAR?
Hyorin: We take on all female K-pop groups as our role models. However, when we first debuted as singers, we looked up to Destiny Child because they are very talented. They have very powerful vocals and always put up awesome performances, so we promised ourselves that we will become singers like Destiny Child and show great performances to the fans.

That very evening after their press conference, SISTAR and Boyfriend held their joint fan meeting at Suntec City Convention Hall which turned out to be a whopping success for both groups. The fan meeting kicked start with a series of performances by B.O.P, the invited guests who came all the way from Thailand. Following which, Boyfriend and SISTAR also put up great performances with lots of fan interactions and games taking place in between the show.

Some of the popular hit tracks performed by Boyfriend that night were ‘Don’t Touch My Girl‘, ‘Confession‘, ‘You & I‘, ‘Boyfriend‘, while SISTAR continued with ‘Push Push‘, ‘Shady Girl‘, ‘Ma Boy‘, ‘So Cool‘, just to name a few. Other highlights during the fan meeting include a birthday celebration for Soyu and Donghyun on stage, as well as an encore performance of ‘Pink Romance‘ by both groups.

The fan meeting definitely concluded on a high note and we’re sure that all Best Friends (fans of Boyfriend) and STAR1s (fans of SISTAR) have enjoyed themselves as much as all of us.

Special thanks to Launch Entertainment for extending the invitation to SISTAR & Boyfriend Press Conference as well as their 1st Singapore fan meeting.

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