[COVER] B2ST Beautiful Show in Singapore: A Night to Remember

03 March 2012 – B2ST Beautiful Show Concert in SingaporeIt was a beautiful night to remember. Held at The Max Pavilion, it was B2ST’s first full-fledged concert in Singapore, brought to you by Bling Entertainment. The venue was filled with B2uties (Fans of B2ST) waving their lightsticks and fan boards, cheering in their loudest for the 6 beastly boys (Junhyung, Doojoon, Hyunseung, Kikwang, Dongwoon & Yoseob) throughout the concert.

Kicking off the concert with the explosive dance hit Special, the boys hyped up the whole atmosphere and earned roaring applause from fans all across the venue. They continued with high-energy songs, Soom, Shock, Bad Girl, followed by a rendition of Easy, which was dramatically staged with the 6 members standing in the dark with mike stands, lit by single rays of spotlight.

Said Yoseob during B2ST’s self-introduction, “Singapore fans are really full of passion tonight and the atmosphere is great!”

From their repertoire of dance tracks to slow ballads and solo/duet stages, the boys never fail to impress fans with their mesmerizing vocals, keeping the energy level high throughout the concert. B2uties were also treated to a performance of their latest track, I Knew It, which was a personal favorite of ours as well!

Specially prepared for Beautiful Show concert, B2ST showcased a series of unit duets starting off with Dongwoon and Doojoon performing to When the Door Closes, a ballad song written by the both of them together. Following, Kikwang and Hyunseung took over the stage with Let It Snow, an R&B track which allows them to show off their slick dance moves. Yoseob and Junhyung continued with Thanks To, a medium-tempo hip-hop track that is really soothing to the ear. While the latter (Junhyung) mentioned that he usually express himself more through songs instead of words, the former (Yoseob) started pressing him into expressing his love for fans on stage. It was an embarrassing yet cute moment of Junhyung as the fans witnessed how he tried his best to form a heart-shaped hand sign as a gesture of love for B2uties. (^_^)

One of the concert highlights was during the performance of You, where a lucky fan was picked by B2ST and serenaded by them on stage with hugs and gifts, much to the jealousy of other B2uties. Other highlights include the ballad song On Rainy Days, where the boys had the entire audience singing along with them, as well as popular hit tracks The Fact, Fiction, Freeze, and a remix of Oasis – all accompanied with loud fan chants too!

Still in high spirits, B2ST performed Beautiful and V.I.U for their encore stages, showering lots of fan-service while running about on stage. Concluding Beautiful Show after their performances, Yoseob exclaimed with “Singapore is the best! I love this atmosphere where everyone is enjoying themselves as much as us!” Added Dongwoon, “We are ready to comeback with more great performances next time!”

The unwavering support shown at their concert is a definite and we’re sure that all B2uties who were present there had a fun-filled and memorable night as well. Special thanks to Bling Entertainment for extending the invitation to cover B2ST Beautiful Show Concert in Singapore. For those who missed out Beautiful Show press conference, don’t forget to check it out over HERE.


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B2ST Beautiful Show Concert in Singapore was proudly brought to you by concert organiser, Bling Entertainment and various sponsors.


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