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The Korean pop industry has been a very hardworking one. Within the East Asian music scene, nowhere other than in South Korea do we see live, weekly music chart shows where the hottest singers come together and belt out their latest hits, all in the aim to please fans and of course, to grab that top spot on the charts.

When it comes to weekly chart shows in South Korea, there are the big 3: SBS Inkigayo; KBS Music Bank, and of course, Mnet M! Countdown. While each has its own style, M! Countdown is my most favorite. A big stage that can accommodate various fascinating stage designs; charismatic and popular show hosts (currently John Park and Miss A’s Suzy) and of course, the fabulous audience that definitely is an integral and essential part to M! Countdown’s success.

Yes, K-pop fans. It was interesting to see how dynamics worked within the audience. Despite near nervous breakdown levels of excitement, it was amazing to witness how orderly the fans were and how well they knew the lyrics of the songs. The entire atmosphere was so affecting that it was hard not to join in the vibe and just let loose with the fans as singers and groups go up on stage and enthrall us with their latest works.

Fans are important. Without them, no matter how much effort the singers put in, there is no way for their hard work to pay off. Which is why M! Countdown has the most comprehensive and extensive overseas voting system to cater you and other K-pop fans all over the world. With live internet telecast of M! Countdown every week, overseas K-pop fans have become even much closer to their favorite Korean celebrities.

M! Countdown, the weekly K-pop party not just for South Korean audience but also for fans all over the world. You’re invited! So come along and groove with your favorite K-pop artistes now!

  1. Mnet M! Countdown airs every Thursday at 6pm (KST)
  2. International fans can watch live-streaming on Mnet.com (except Japan & Germany)
  3. Fans can follow official twitter #MnetMcountdown and FB.com/MnetMAMA

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