[COVER] Jay Park 'New Breed' Press Conference in Singapore

27th April 2012 – Jay Park ‘New Breed’ Press Conference in Singapore 

Appearing at the press conference in a casual outfit last Friday, Jay Park, the multi-talented Korean-American singer began sharing his thoughts about the first solo album of his own. ‘New Breed’ is the first full-length album produced by the singer with a total of 15 songs, out of which, the song ‘Know Your Name’ was chosen as the main title track.
“When I wrote this song, I feel like, ‘This has got to be the title track‘, because it displays a kind of sexy charisma that I wanted. I got a feeling that the dance and performances will come out very well, and many people will enjoy a fast dancing track like this.”
“The song is about a guy who sees a beautiful girl and wants to start things slow by knowing her name first. I’m not like this usually, but I feel as though I can pull it off well on stage. Many a time, people tend to rush things through. For me, if it’s a girl who is worth the wait, then I’ll definitely take things slow and try to get to know her better.”

Talking about the general concept behind the album, Jay explained that the inspiration (for the album cover) came from a makeup commercial he chanced upon on Youtube. A guy by the name of Rick Genest (also known as Zombie Boy) sparked off the initial idea of face painting for Jay.
“He’s completely white and clean in the commercial, and when he started cleaning off the make-up, it revealed his tattooed face.”
“It was really shocking for me to see that. I was like, ‘Wow, that’s pretty crazy!’ It left an impression in my mind so I kind of wanted to do that. I’m the opposite because I don’t have all those tattoos across my face, but I wanted to show something like that to leave an impression and make people wonder what this guy is about and what his music is about.”
When asked about how he felt with regards to the face tattoos, Jay immediately added, “I like tattoos, but not to that extent.”
How about his favorite tattoo? Jay wasn’t able to name a favorite among his tattoos as he like them all. Each different tattoo contains a significant meaning in them, aside from the stars on his neck. The singer mentioned that each time before he gets a new tattoo, he would give a hard thought about it because “you can’t erase it, or if you do erase it, it’s very difficult to do so”.
Still on the topic of his first solo album, Jay added that he love all the songs in the album. “The thing I like about my album the most is the variety of music genres presented. There’s R&B, hip-hop, dance music, acoustic, sad songs, sexy songs, slow songs, and fast songs. Even if you listen to the entire album, you don’t get bored.”
What about the most challenging dance choreography in the album? In Jay’s perspective, he felt that ‘Know Your Name’ is the most challenging one as there’s a certain feel that he wanted to bring out in the dance for the song.
“The dance doesn’t look quite right, so we changed it for a couple of times. If you look at the music video and performances on stage, they are different because we changed it.”

What was it like for Jay to work with Ryan Higa in the video ‘Bromance‘? The singer told us that it wasn’t a difficult video to make though it was very different from the other videos that he had worked on before.
“I enjoy Ryan’s videos and what he does. A lot of people might think that everything looks very simple in the video but in fact, he does put a lot of thoughts into it. He’s very professional and fun at the same time, which makes it even more enjoyable.”
“We’re not afraid to hug or give each other hand shakes or stuff like that. I guess I was kind of a touchy person, not in a weird way, but rather in a sentimental way.”

If you haven’t catch the video yet, do check it out below. (We really love it!)

When asked about the craziest fan experience he had with a guy, Jay responded with “With a guy?!” at once, causing a set of laughter among the media.

“Well, just the day before when I was in Korea, at a town 4 hours away from Seoul, there was this group of guys who were climbing up on each other shoulders just to see me through the window of the bus. They were holding up their cellphones which read messages like, ‘Hi Jay!’ or something along this line. That’s about it… Nothing’s too crazy and I haven’t encounter anyone tackling me or anything” said the singer.

Added Jay, “I enjoy it when I have guys as my fans. When I was growing up, I used to be a huge fan of Usher. I tried to dress like him and dance like him, so it’s very flattering and honored to know that young boys these days are looking at me in the same way as how I used to look up to Usher.”
So what does he think about his female fans, particularly in Singapore?
“They’re beautiful. I was greeted by hundreds of them at the airport when I arrived and it feels great to see them!”

Now, female fans of Jay have got to listen up as he continued to share with us his thoughts on dating a girl.

“If we start talking and she’s an interesting person, I might get attracted to her. And if she seems like a girl with a cool personality, maybe I’ll ask her out or ask for her number. I like people who are down-to-earth. I guess I’m pretty down-to-earth and simple… She doesn’t have to know how to cook, but it’s not a bad thing if she’s able to cook.”
“I don’t cook, but I love to eat. My favorite food in Singapore is chicken rice! Chilli crab is alright, but I love chicken. In Korea, my favorite dish is Kimchi chicken. I try to work out regularly, though I don’t need to watch out my diet that often now.”

And so we heard that Jay will be headlining his first ever U.S. tour, the Verizon APAHM tour in May. He was as excited and told us that he actually recorded some English songs specially for the tour as he wanted to put up some English performances for the fans there. Jay also added, “I’m really looking forward to meet all my fans in the States!” 
Before the press conference came to an end, Jay shared with the media on his biggest resolution for the year 2012.
“If possible, I would like to hold a tour for my concert this year. I enjoy making music and performing in front of people. I learned so much from producing my own album, which was not an easy thing to do. It took almost a year to do it, writing all the songs and talking to all the producers just to get things together and make it perfectly the way I want it to be. I grew a lot as an artist and I got better at rapping, singing and song-making, so now I kind of know all the elements of what to do and what it takes to produce an album. Next time, I’m sure it’ll go much more smoother and I’m certain that I can put out a better quality album for all my fans.”
The press conference concluded with a photo-call and we definitely look forward to Jay Park’s second album in the near future. Special thanks to Universal Music Singapore Regional for extending the invitation to cover Jay Park ‘New Breed’ press conference in Singapore. 
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