[COVER] Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore

4th May 2012 – Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore
From dance tracks to R&B to ballads, Kim Hyun Joong definitely lived up to his name of being a top star, not only in South Korea but also throughout Asia. Recently held his 1st Asia fan meeting in Singapore, the super idol performed to a 3,000-strong audience, completed with an amazing stage presence and stunning laser effects. 
The fan meeting was more than a fan meeting. Charming the crowd with a total of 15 songs coupled with stage activities throughout the 2-hour long event, it was more akin to a mini-concert instead. The fan meeting kicked start with popular songs such as ‘Let Me Go‘, ‘Break Down‘ and ‘Please‘, which definitely hyped up the whole atmosphere in the stadium. Hyun Joong continued with ‘Thank You‘, a song in which he wanted to dedicate to his fans. Before he proceed to the next performance of ‘Happiness is…‘, he even tried rehearsing his favorite English line in the song for several times (“Happiness without you baby, I can’t even imagine it“), in hope that the fans would sing along with him.
As promised during his press conference, Hyun Joong had no qualms showcasing different sides of him throughout the fan meeting. From a cutesy image in ‘Kiss Kiss‘, to a charismatic image in ‘I Am Your Man‘, and a playful side in ‘Marry You‘, he certainly provided much eye-candy for the audience that evening.The singer also performed ‘Smile‘ for the first time on stage, as well as ‘Because I’m Stupid‘, the all-time-favorite ost track from the popular Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. During the encore performance of ‘One More Time‘, Hyun Joong took a step further to interact with fans by appearing in the crowd, much to the surprise of many. He continued and concluded with ‘Lucky Guy‘ before the performances came to an end.


With much anticipation from the fans, Hyun Joong returned on stage for the final segment of the fan meeting, which was the record-breaking High-five session with all 3,000 audience. Not one single fan was being left out as he shook hands and sincerely thanked each and every person who came on stage. The spirit and attitude he had shown that evening was really admirable and deserved our utmost respect!

For fans who are already having withdrawal symptoms from the fan meeting, Hyun Joong mentioned that he might be coming back to Singapore again for a full-fledged concert tour next year. He also promised that he would be returning to the music scene with better music in the near future, so let’s look forward to it and keep supporting him!

Special thanks to Running Into The Sun for inviting HallyuSG to cover Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore. All photos in this post are taken with full credits from official organiser, Running Into The Sun.

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