[NEWS] Blush releases their debut EP, titled 'The Undivided EP'

Pan-Asian group, Blush, is back with the latest release of their debut EP, ‘The Undivided EP‘. Featuring their three singles namely ‘Undivided‘, ‘Dance On‘ and ‘All Stars‘, the debut EP also includes three additional new songs ‘Warrior‘, ‘Sweetly Leave Me‘ and ‘Together We’re Greater‘.

Some tracks from the debut EP are written by award-winning songwriters and producers such as Eliot Kennedy who is behind the Spice Girls, Shaznay Lewis from the All Saints, Gary Barlow from Take That, Karen and Shelly Poole from the Alisha’s Attic, Lucie Silvas, Lindy Robbins who has written ‘Adrenaline’ by BoA or ‘Beautiful Goodbye’ by f(x), the danish team Deekay who is behind ‘Hoot’ by Girls Generation. And this is not all – Blush has also received the support from DJs such as Morgan Page and Dave Audé!

Check out Blush’s latest release of ‘All Stars’ music video below!

As a multicultural band, Blush is also invited to open two concerts of the APAHM tour in San Francisco (25th May 2012) and Los Angeles (27th May 2012), which will be featuring Korean-American singer Jay Park.  If this lineup is still not exciting enough for you Blushies, we’ve got great news to share!
For those who missed the documentary “Project Lotus: Search for Blush”, it will be airing again on Star World every Saturday in Hong Kong and Singapore at 10.45pm, or the South East of Asia at 9.45pm. Do keep a lookout for Blush and check out their web sites below for more music and videos! 

‘The Undivided EP’ is now available on iTunes. Do support the girls and stay tuned to HallyuSG as we will be releasing a very exclusive interview with Blush + giveaway goodies soon!

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