[COVER] Song Joong Ki 'Thrill & Love' Fan Meeting in Singapore

27th May 2012 – Song Joong Ki ‘Thrill & Love’ Fan Meeting in Singapore
Better known as ‘Gu Yong Ha’ in the popular Korean historical-fiction drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Korean heart throb Song Joong Ki was in town two weeks ago for his ‘Thrill & Love’ fan meeting which was held at Shine Auditorium. This trip to Singapore marked his third visit where the actor revealed that he was really thrilled to meet his fans here once again, especially since he wasn’t able to visit often.
Prior to the fan meeting, an open press conference took place at Square 2 a day before, where the actor shared his experience on appearing in period dramas, variety shows, as well as his future plans.
“I can’t decide on which drama is the one that I’m really proud of as I love working in all of them. If I were to choose one, it would be Sungkyunkwan Scandal as this drama is like a starting point which boosts my popularity. I had so much fun working with fellow casts including Yoo Ah In and Park Yoo Chun.” 
When asked if there is any acting character he would like to give a shot at in the future dramas, the modest actor responded that there is no particular role as he is willing to try out all the roles that are assigned to him. On top of that, Joong Ki also expressed his excitement for the upcoming drama ‘Nice Guy’, in which he would be working alongside with co-star Moon Chae-won. This time, fans are definitely in for a treat, as the eye candy teased about showing a new side of him in the upcoming drama which will be somewhat different from his chivalrous character in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

“The filming process of Sungkyunkwan Scandal was really memorable and enjoyable. Given an opportunity, I hope that we (casts) will be able to work together in another drama. It would be interesting if there is a second season of the drama – Sungkyunkwan Scandal II.”
Though it seems pretty certain that fans would love to catch the intelligent and witty ‘Gu Yong Ha’ on screen again, it looks like the gentleman may want to add a twist to his existing character in the drama.
“If there is a Sungkyunkwan Scandal II, I want to act as Gu Yong Ha again. But this time, I want to develop a love story with a woman instead of a guy! (referring to Moon Jae Shin in the drama as acted by Yoo Ah In) *laughs*”
 Besides acting, we also learned that Joong Ki used to co-host as an emcee for a weekly music program. Though it remains unknown as to whether he will have the chance to take over the emcee role again in future, the actor expressed that overall it was a good learning experience for himself. At the same time, he also had “the opportunity to meet female groups” when he was still a host, so that was a plus point which made the hosting experience even more enjoyable. (^_^)
On a question about his past-participation as a permanent member in the hit variety show Running Man, Joong Ki pointed out that one important lesson he learned from the show is the need to exercise regularly in order to keep up with his own stamina.

“Jong Kook hyung is no doubt the best running man. He is especially fast and always escapes before anyone could ever catch him.”
“Gwangsoo? He is just the tallest man among us, that’s all. At least I can catch Gwangsoo easily! I want to catch him another time if I have the chance to film Running Man again.”
Ever since the broadcast of Running Man from July 2010, Joong Ki had earned much popularity through nicknames such as ‘Brainy Joong Ki’ and ‘Pretty/flower boy’. It has been over a year since he left the variety show to concentrate on his acting career, but nevertheless, Joong Ki added that he was really thankful for the support from the fans towards the show even though he is no longer part of the permanent cast.
“If possible, I would love to return back to Running Man again as a member in the future. It’s really interesting and fun to film this variety show!”
The following evening was an eye-opener for all fans who were present at the fan meeting venue. Joong Ki had no qualms when it comes to showering fan service as we witnessed him walking down the stage several times for a closer interaction with fans. Aside from the games and talk segments, Joong Ki also took the chance to present a different side of him through songs and videos, as well as offering a handshake/hi-5 with every single fan who attended the fan meeting.
Though the time spent with Joong Ki at the fan meeting was limited, the event concluded successfully on a sweet and delightful note. We definitely look forward to Joong Ki’s upcoming drama appearances and wish him all the best in his career!

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