[COVER] SHINHWA: The Return Grand Tour in Singapore

16th June 2012 – SHINHWA: The Return Grand Tour in Singapore
The countdown is over. After 6 years, legendary K-pop group SHINHWA, returns to Singapore to hold their second concert which saw a total of 5,000 concert attendees turning up at the Resorts World Convention Centreon the night of 16th June.
Decked in dashing white suits and pants, SHINHWA kicked off the concert with explosive songs like ‘T.O.P‘, ‘Hey, Come On‘, ‘Fever‘, ‘Perfect Man‘, which were accompanied by deafening fanchants from the audience. The concert was definitely a highly anticipated one, as seen from the pool of audience which comprised of fans across different generations and countries.  

SHINHWA performed a total of 21 songs throughout the concert, showcasing the playful, mischievous and amusing sides of them from time to time. On a request by the members, Eric did a fierce but charismatic ‘buing-buing’ action on stage, which aroused to squeals from the fans and laughter from the members. Dongwan is also one of the members who has the sweetest tongue as he greeted the fans in Mandarin saying, “All of the female fans present here tonight are my girlfriends!”
The atmosphere continued at its highest level during their signature ballad performances, as the group captivated and serenaded the fans with ‘Re-Love‘, ‘On The Road‘, ‘Once in a lifetime‘ and ‘Hurts‘.
Fanchants were especially loud and clear during the performance of ‘Venus‘, when SHINHWA returned on stage with the title track from their latest album. Still in high spirits after the performance, Dongwan started to hum a tune with lyrics of his own, “You… are my Singapore~“, providing much entertainment to the fans. The rest of the members also joined in the fun and chanted the word ‘Singapore’ several times while beat-boxing along to the tune of classic oldie ‘Stand By Me’.
The concert concluded on a high note after the encore performances of ‘YO!‘ and ‘OH!‘, which were topped off with brilliant laser effects and confetti in the air.
“Singapore is really the best! Thank you for attending our concert! I love you guys!” (Minwoo)
“Please give us lots of support for the Asia Tour as well as SHINHWA Broadcast!” (Jun Jin)
“We will work harder to show you a better side of us in the near future!” (Andy)

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