[COVER] SHINHWA: The Return Press Conference in Singapore

16th June 2012 – SHINHWA: The Return Press Conference in Singapore
SHINHWA, which comprises of 6 members namely, Eric, Minwoo, Dongwan, Jun Jin, Andy and Hyesung, is one of the most successful South Korean boy bands since their debut in 1998. Having held their first concert in Singapore back in 2006, the group expressed that the only thing which had changed over the past 6 years was merely the increase in their respective ages. Something that they could remember prominently about Singapore was the passionate fans and tasty chilli crabs.
Added Dongwan in Mandarin, “It has been a long while since SHINHWA’s last visit to Singapore and it feels good to be back after 6 years.”
Being the longest-running boy band in Korea up till today, there is no doubt with the fact that fans of the group have multiplied over the years.
Said Eric, “I feel really happy to see that we have fans across different generations. I remembered there was once during SHINHWA’s meet & greet session in Korea when we met 3 fans who belonged to a family of 3 generations (Grandmother, Mother & Daughter). That was very surprising and left a strong impression on me. We are really honored to have such a wide variety of fans ranging from young to old.”

The reunion of the leading icons in the Hallyu wave, followed by an increasing number of fans from their latest comeback album has once again proven the immense popularity of SHINHWA. After making their long-awaited comeback in March this year, the members responded that they were satisfied with the results which gave them the confidence to produce another album in the near future.
Added Andy, the youngest member of SHINHWA, “Perhaps we owe the success of the latest album due to the fame of K-pop that is spreading like wildfire all across the world. It may not be mainly because we are the longest-standing group in this industry. The widespread popularity of K-pop has definitely helped in terms of our success.”
During the press conference, Andy also shared the thoughts behind his idea of doing a solo nude album.
“The idea came from the nude photo album that was being filmed by the rest of the members when I was not around. It just hit me while I was looking at the pictorials, that maybe I should do a nude photoshoot of myself and produce an album of my own too.”
“After pondering on it for a while, I thought that this may not be a good idea after all. Perhaps upon agreement from all the members, I might consider doing it in the future.”

Member Minwoo was also asked about his intention of opening a SHINHWA museum, to which he delightedly replied, “It would be very meaningful to have a museum like this which could tell the stories of SHINHWA as well as the history of how each member was groomed over the years. I came up with the idea simply because the memories are very significant to us and the fans.”
With the increase in age, one could not help but wonder on how the members managed to maintain their stylish looks over the years. When prompted with this question, fingers were pointed at Dongwan, who appeared to be the best at making use of props surrounding him. On the other hand, the group agrees that besides the hard work of their own personal stylists, the effort also comes from renowned stylists as well as hairdressers in Korea. Not to mention, the members are also trying to keep up a good look themselves in order not to disappoint the fans.

The journey for every K-pop group doesn’t come easy, which speaks the same even for SHINHWA, who has had 14 years worth of experience in the industry. There are bound to be successful, challenging and difficult times for the group over the years, to which Hyesung and Dongwan spoke up respectively:
SHINHWA represents the 6 of us. Being in SHINHWA doesn’t mean that you are performing alone, or doing all the preparations by yourself. You are doing it with the members and your best friends. They are the ones whom I could rely and depend on during tough periods, which is something that I am really thankful for.” (Hyesung)
“Each member of SHINHWA is in charge of different areas. For instance, certain member will take care of the management and the others will be responsible for the choreography, or production of album. We do face a lot of hardships on our own, though we tend to avoid showing it among the members so as not to make one another worry. Recently, we were all worried about Jun Jin’s condition as he had injured his back awhile ago. We recommended him to rest but he pushed himself and said that he should perform together with us on stage. It really shows how hard he is trying to give his best despite the injury sustained. I am really glad that the members are always around to give one another support throughout these years.” (Dongwan)

Although it was unfortunate with Jun Jin’s back injury, we were glad that the group was still able to perform together at their concert which took place that evening after the press conference.
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