[EXCLUSIVE] An Interview with Han Groo on Killer Girl K and her personal life

Killer Girl K, an action Korean TV series starring lead actress Han Groo, has been on a rise since its premiere in Korea last year. Soon to be broadcasted across Asia via KIX and KIX HD, the highly anticipated mini-series will feature a drama of suspense and action over three episodes starting from 23rd August 2012.

Synopsis of Killer Girl K
Killer Girl K tells a story of a high school girl, Cha Yeon-jin, who is seeking vengeance for her mother after witnessing the murder in front of her during an abduction. She is later brought to a secret agency and nurtured to become a professional assassin. What she does not know is that her mother has a strong connection with the agency. During the training, she discovered the secret that her mother has been keeping from her. This secret concerns not only her mother but also the lives of others. After joining the secret agency, Cha Yeon-jin is determined to track down her mother’s murderer and take revenge.

With such an exciting storyline, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out what took place behind the scenes of the action-packed series. Here we have an interview transcript with Han Groo (courtesy of SPRG), the lead actress of Killer Girl K. Read on to find out more about her career, reflections, experience and challenges faced during the filming of the drama.

(On Killer Girl K) 

Q: Can you share with us about your role? What is the most difficult part in shooting Killer Girl K?
HG: The most challenging part for me is that I not only had to work hard on the action scenes, but also had to deal with the character’s emotions. I played the role of Yeon-jin, a young rebel who joins an underground crime organization and seeks revenge on the gang boss who killed her mother. Yeon-jin is a troubled and complicated character, so delivering her personality is quite hard for me.

Q: Did you feel stressed when you were on location shooting Killer Girl K?
HG: I can tell you that it’s really tough. I practiced martial arts in China for a while, but it’s another story when it comes to shooting. I felt frustrated when I could not meet the director’s requirement in the beginning, but I managed to loosen myself a bit and things got better by then.

Q: The action scenes are well-choreographed. How did you manage to do that? Did you get hurt on location?
HG: When I was studying in China, I took a course on sword-fighting which was helpful for me. During the shoot, I had to deal with pistols, chains and other kinds of weapons. Of course I got hurt, but at that time I thought the bruises didn’t really matter as I just wanted to make it right.

Q: You are in love with Kim Dong-jun from idol group ZE:A in Killer Girl K. What do you think about him?
HG: The love scenes in Killer Girl K are rather subtle. It’s more like a puppy love where we just held hands and talked. There was not even a kiss scene. I felt relieved since Dong-jun’s fans would hate me if I had a kiss with him. (^_^)

Q: What is your impression on other actors in Killer Girl K?
HG: The actors were all very nice and patient to a newcomer like me, for which I am really grateful for their tolerance. I remembered that when I first met the veteran actor Kim Jong-tae, I was so anxious and did not know what to say. He may look stern, but he’s actually very humorous and often provided much joy with his jokes and gags on location.

Q: As a newcomer, you have delivered an impressive performance in Killer Girl K. People say that you are a natural-born actor. How would you respond?
HG: Thanks for your compliment. I dare not say that I am a natural-born actor, but I should say I have always wanted to be an actor since I was a kid. I enjoy dancing and singing very much. When I was in my fourth grade, I left Korea for the United States and picked up English and dance there. Later, I went to China and took courses on sword-fighting and horse-riding. These are all very precious life experiences for me, but it was a pity that I spent all my teenage years overseas and not in Korea.

Q: You have shown your potential in playing an action heroine in Killer Girl K. Do you want to be an action star like Michelle Yeoh?
HG: I felt really exhausted in the shooting process and once pondered if I should give it another try on action films in the future. Action genre might be tough, but I am open to all possibilities. If I come across an interesting or challenging character, I would definitely go for it.

Q: Killer Girl K was well-received in Korea and viewers name you as “Ha Ji-won the second”. What are your thoughts on this?
HG: I am totally flattered by this nickname. Ha Ji-won is such a lovely and charismatic actor who captures the hearts of basically everyone in Korea. I dare not put myself into comparison with her. I love her performance in the TV drama Secret Garden. She plays a stunt-woman and is not only good at the action scenes,  but also managed to deliver the emotions of the character very well.

Q: How did you feel when you look at your performance in Killer Girl K?
HG: When I looked back at my performance, I just thought that I could have done much better. I think Killer Girl K is a very important project for me since I realize better what my potentials are. I want to be the kind of actor who is recognized for my onscreen possibilities rather than my face and appearance. I would give myself 60 out of 100 for my action scenes, and 52.8 for my acting.

Q: We’ve heard that your parents are very supportive when they knew you took on Killer Girl K.
HG: My mother was a model for advertisements and my father is a director on TV commercials. They gave me a lot of support and advice. They were a bit worried in the beginning when they knew that I had to do the action scenes in Killer Girl K, but eventually they were really proud of me after the series aired.

(On personal life) 
Q: You launched your debut album My Boy last year. Do you prefer singing or acting?
HG: Honestly, I think the career span for an actor can be much longer than that of a singer. Actors can sustain since they can play roles of different ages. Lee Mi-suk, one of the most well-respected actor in Korea, is a perfect example. She debuted in the 1980s and has always been a well-acclaimed actor.

Q: What kind of roles would you like to play?
HG: I would like to be a femme fatale onscreen. As a female, I always find bad guys attractive and seductive. Wouldn’t it be good if I could be a femme fatale and capture guys with my charisma?

Q: What is your aspiration in terms of career?
HG: Acting is fun and I enjoy it a lot. I am still a beginner but I am willing to learn. I hope one day people would say, “there is no other actor who can take this role better than Han Groo” after watching my TV dramas or movies.

Q: What is your ideal type of guy?
HG: I like people with compassion and devotion to their work. I don’t need a boyfriend with six-pack abs, but rather, a warm and sincere smile is always irresistible for me. My ideal type of guy would be someone like veteran actor Shin Ha-gyun. He is a caring, gentle and witty Mr. Nice Guy. His acting is superb and I always hope that I could work with him one day.

Q: What would you have become if you were not in the showbiz industry?
HG: I guess I would have become a Haenyeo, a female diver who catches sea produces. It’s liberating diving into the sea. If I really became a Haenyeo, I would catch a lot of abalones. Korean abalones are delicious. (^_^)

Killer Girl K will begin its premiere on KIX (Starhub Channel 518) and KIX HD (Singtel Mio TV Channel 54) on 23rd August 2012 at 10pm. Special shout out to SPRG for the interview transcripts and drama images! Don’t forget to tune in to KIX or KIX HD every Thursday to catch the mini-series!

More information about KIX and KIX HD:
KIX features “all action” entertainment from across Asia and around the world, bringing adrenaline-pumping programmes to those who crave action and adventure. Living by the slogan of “Action By Day, Thrill By Night”, KIX HD offers the best of action with a late night dose of thrills in high definition.


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