[COVER] Free Star and Twi-Light party with fans at KPOPGAGA 1st ShowKase!

Fueled by their passion for music, the 7-member boy band (Twi-Light) and 4-member girl band (Free Star) have dedicated themselves towards coming out on top in the competitive Korean music industry. Debuted in 2011, Twi-Light is slowly rising up the ladder of fame with their recent release of ‘Love is Difficult’, an original sound track composed for popular Korean drama Rooftop Prince. Nothing to do with the blockbuster movie, the group explains that ‘Twi-Light’ is a term which stands for ‘Trend World Idol-Light‘ – to achieve an international trend, and to make it big in the music industry.


The eagerly anticipated KPOPGAGA 1st ShowKase was a blast, to say the least! Kicking off the ShowKase with infectious high energy performances such as ‘Prologue‘ and ‘Twilight‘, the boys invited loud cheers from the fans and pumped the atmosphere to the next level even though only 5 members (Siwan, Taesung, Minyeong, Hee Cheon and Black) were present that evening. 



Bursting with excitement, the group enthusiastically echoed their trademark introduction and followed up with a performance of their debut track, ‘Without U‘. It’s easy to see how Twi-Light has garnered a legion of fans, especially after the cutesy performance of ‘Love is Difficult‘, a song which sent the fans into a renewed frenzy. The boys also charmed the audience with their own rendition of ‘Show‘, a famous song that was sung and performed by veteran singer Kim Won Jun in 1996.

While Twi-Light retreated backstage after their performances, Free Star was the next to perform for the ShowKase. It may be their first time performing overseas, but the girls made quite an impression with their irresistible dance moves and catchy songs. Formed in 2010, Free Star is a 4-member girl band which now comprises of CEO, Erum, Niu and SeulA. As interesting as it sounds, the name of the group comes about from sighting of a signboard with similar title by chance, which at the same time reflects each of the members’ outgoing personalities.

Dressed in sexy glittery black outfits, the girls were greeted with exploding cheers from the fans as soon as they came on stage. They took to the stage with a rhythmic dance track unveiling to their debut song ‘Diss‘, and brought the night to a new high as they performed ‘You Better Hurry‘ and ‘Show You Exactly‘. To further illustrate their excitement, the girls even got the fans to shout “Let’s Go!” together before moving on to their next performance.
Returning stronger and better, Free Star whipped out the title track from their latest album release in April and hit the stage with ‘Stronger and Bester‘, showcasing a fresh and charismatic side of the members. Uncommon as it sounds, “Bester” is a new creation word attached with a significant meaning for the group, that is “to be the best out of the best“. 

After a short interval and a fresh set of outfit, Twi-Light returned on stage and surprised the fans with dance covers of ‘On Rainy Days‘ (BEAST), ‘Shock‘ (BEAST), and ‘Before The Dawn‘ (INFINITE), while Free Star put up an impressive show and belted out hits such as ‘Hot Summer‘ (f(x)), ‘2HOT‘ (G.NA), and ‘Love is Move‘ (SECRET). There was no better way to close the show than a collaboration stage of ‘Love Day‘ by both groups, which was definitely one of the highlights of the night that left the fans screaming for more.

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Here’s Part 2 of the exclusive video featuring interviews and various cuts of Free Star & Twi-Light’s performances at KPOPGAGA 1st ShowKase in Singapore! (Please click on 720p/1080p HD at the settings to view the video in high quality. Copyright © http://kpopgaga.com/ All Rights Reserved.)

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