[REVIEW] Korean TV Series 'HERO' to begin its Exclusive Premiere across Celestial Movies this September

Are you a fan of Korean dramas? In my previous post on the interview with rising actor Joo Sang Wook, I mentioned about my avid love for Korean dramas especially the action-packed series. Recently, I just came across HERO, another suspense drama that was aired in South Korea (March-May) this year. Similar to the TV series TEN, HERO takes up 10 episodes and unfolds itself in a 3D fantasy plot that is set in the future of year 2020.Thanks to Celestial Movies, this highly anticipated TV series will begin its exclusive premiere across SingTel mio TV Channel 52 and Starhub Cable TV Ch 868 starting from 3rd September 2012 onwards. This show will be the first Korean Superhero action series to be broadcasted in Singapore on our local cable channels.

Synopsis of HERO
(Abstracted from the press release of HERO)
The ten-episode Korean action drama series is set in a fictional future where South Korea has gone bankrupt and its cities are crime-ridden and corrupt. HERO centers on a bad boy by the name of Heuk Chul (award-winning actor Yang Dong Geun) who is the son of the mayor of one of these crime-ridden cities. When Heuk Chul gets caught in the middle of a police sting, he ends up taking a bullet fired at the beautiful detective Ih-Ohn (played by Han Chae Ah). The serious injury causes him to fall into a coma and the only way to save him is to inject him with untested nanotechnology.
Upon recovering from his near-death experience, Heuk Chul discovers that he possesses the superhuman ability to heal himself and regenerate. In the meantime, the dark truths of corruption that plagues the city begin to unfold before his eyes. Realizing the truth, Heuk Chul decides to use this newfound ability to fight against evil and make things right in this chaotic world.
Here’s my personal listing of the top 5 reasons why you should watch HERO:
1) Did you know? Filming of the first two episodes of HERO alone have incurred a hefty US$1 million production budget! It wasn’t until I watch the first two episodes did I understand why the TV series was listed as the number #1 program in its timeslot among all cable channels in Korea when it first premiered in March 2012. The scenes and actions were captured so perfectly that I thought I was watching a real movie instead.

2) Talking about the action and fighting scenes, they were skillfully arranged in a way that creates forceful impacts on the viewers, while at the same time heightens the overall tension in the drama. I was so engrossed that I could hardly take my eyes off the screen as the story develops. If I were to give an overall rating of the martial arts skills exhibited in the series (by all the cast involved), it will definitely be 10 out of 10.

3) If the spice and suspense in the drama are not enough to keep you glued to the seat while watching HERO, then you should take a peek at the list of cast involved in the filming process. As mentioned in the synopsis, the birth of a hero ‘Heuk Chul’, was played none other by lead actor Yang Dong-Geun who had participated in various works such as Perfect Game (2011), Grand Prix (2010), I am Sam (2007), and more.

On the other hand, the female lead ‘Ih-Ohn’ was played by Han Chae Ah, a rising actress who clinched the New Star Award in 2010 SBS Drama Awards. I was pretty amazed and impressed at how well she could control her facial expressions and display the fighting skills like a professional in the drama. Of course, there were also other veteran actors who starred in the drama, such as Son Byung Ho, Choi Chul Ho, Park Won Sang, Jo Jae Yoon, Ryohei Otani, and more!
4) Acting skills aside, this drama is bound to grab your attention at an engaging level with its well-written plot. I was so intrigued by the opening of HERO, which started off mysteriously with a murder scene leading to more suspense and anticipation as the story unfolds itself through the episodes. Somehow HERO reminds me of ‘The Dark Knight’ (film) which features the world’s greatest detective/superhero Batman for separating good from evil and upholding justice in the chaotic world.

5) Like what I’ve said, if you are a Korean drama addict, then you shouldn’t miss out on HERO. There are a lot more mysteries involved in the TV series which will slowly uncoil themselves as the story moves on. Having watched the first two episodes at a private screening event put together by Celestial Tiger Entertainment and SPRG, I can’t wait to catch the official broadcast on Celestial Movies coming this September.

HERO will premiere exclusively on Celestial Movies on 3rd September 2012 and will air every weekday from Monday to Friday at 8pm, with an encore telecast at 10.45pm, on SingTel mio TV Channel 52 and Starhub Cable TV Channel 868. To celebrate the channel’s maiden foray into Korean content, Celestial Movies will be made free for viewing on Starhub from 8th to 10th September, where HERO will be featured in a five-episode marathon on 9th September (1pm-6pm).

Special thanks to Celestial Tiger Entertainment and SPRG for the invitation to the private screening event of HERO. Subscribers of the said TV channels will be glad to know that Celestial Movies will also be having its exclusive broadcast of Korean pop superstar Rain’s latest concert, Rain: The Best Show this September. Watch this space to know more about the broadcast as we’ll be releasing another post shortly!

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(All images in this post are taken with full credits from Celestial Tiger Entertainment)

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