[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Han Chae-Ah, Lead Actress of HERO: "Just your regular girl"

Having participated in the filming of HERO as the female lead, award-winning actress Han Chae-Ah takes on the role of a detective and shows a fresh side of her through the ten-episode action packed series. Currently premiering across Celestial Movies, HERO is a drama that unfolds itself in a 3D fantasy plot set in the future of year 2020. If you haven’t already read our review of the drama series, make sure you click HERE and find out the synopsis behind HERO.

Much thanks to SPRG for facilitating the interview process, we’re happy to have the lead actress of HERO, Han Chae-Ah, to sit down for a quick interview revealing her thoughts on filming the drama as well as her acting career. Appearing as a fresh-faced actress on screen, Han Chae-Ah had participated in dramas such as Bridal Mask (2012), I Believe in Love (2011), Definitely Neighbors (2010), and more. With her previous drama roles acted out either in family or romance series, the actress shared that HERO was her first attempt in an action-packed drama, “I had little chance for being cast in the action-packed TV series because I am a woman. I wanted to perform action scenes in HERO and show my new persona to the viewers.”

On her deepest impression of the filming process, the actress answered that it would probably be the experience of shooting a gun and acting out all the action scenes. She then added on the difficulties encountered during filming, “There was an action scene where I had to run really fast and it happened to be a cold day when we were filming it. I wasn’t warmed up properly before I started running, so I ended up with ruptured thigh muscles. I felt an acute pain all of a sudden and just couldn’t run any further.”

Continued the actress, “To me, shooting is a promise to my viewers, so I went back to shooting the scenes after resting for three days.”

So how was it like working with the male lead of HERO, Yang Dong Geun? Said Han, “He takes care of me well and is a really good actor!”

“My role in HERO is a passionate detective, Yoon Ih-Ohn. She is an incorruptible, warm-hearted detective who always lend a helping hand to those in need. I don’t fight in real life. I am just your regular girl I guess! (Laughs)”

When asked about the kind of image she would like to show to the public and fans alike, the humble actress responded, “I would like to show that I am frank and honest by nature, and I don’t have any secrets.”

“If given the opportunity in the near future, I want to play a role in a comedy series. I can show my clumsy side in a romantic comedy series. It would be fun!”

While on the topic about her acting career, Han stated, “As an actress, I want to be able to express my feelings well. It would be great if people could sense my feelings just by looking into my eyes.” The journey of her career definitely does not come by easy. Being able to make it this far on screen, the outstanding actress said that the motivation factor comes from her self belief of working hard for her passion, “My viewers motivate me the most to do my best.”

Last but not least, Han Chae-Ah concluded the interview in hope that viewers could pay more attention to the spiritual growth of the actors in HERO, “The main characters in HERO are not perfect action heroes. They have grown a lot in this series. Please give this drama lots of love and support.”

HERO is currently premiering exclusively on Celestial Movies and will air every weekday from Monday to Friday at 8pm, with an encore telecast at 10.45pm, on SingTel mio TV Channel 52 and Starhub Cable TV Channel 868. This show marks the first Korean Superhero action series being broadcasted in Singapore on our local cable channels. To celebrate the channel’s maiden foray into Korean content, Celestial Movies will be made free for viewing on Starhub from 8th to 10th September, where HERO will be featured in a five-episode marathon on 9th September (1pm-6pm).

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(Images are taken with credits from SPRG and Celestial Tiger Entertainment)


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