[COVER] Girlfriend talks about their current and future plans at the press conference in Singapore

22nd September 2012, Singapore – On the evening of 22nd September, a press conference was held at the rooftop poolside of Hotel Oasia where rookie girl group Girlfriend shared about their inspirations, current and future plans. Soon to make their official debut in the Korean pop music scene, Girlfriend consists of 4 members namely Jaein, Mizi, Haei, and Yoa. Jaein takes on the role of the leader in the group, while Mizi and Haei are responsible for the visuals due to their matured and cute image respectively. Yoa, the youngest member of Girlfriend, is the lead vocalist and rapper.
Having held their first public mall appearance at KPOPGAGA Preview in Singapore, Girlfriend draws inspiration from singers and bands like Lee Hyori and 2NE1. Yoa added that she idolizes Nicki Minaj and would love to rap like her. She then followed up with a short but impressive rap that showcased her rapping skills during the press conference. Given the opportunity, the group hopes that they could share a stage or collaborate with Psy and Big Bang in the near future. When prompted about having a career in the acting industry, Jaein mentioned that some of the members have picked up a little bit of acting skills previously and she would personally like to act in dramas and attend variety shows with the rest of the members when they officially make their debut as Girlfriend.
‘Fiesta’, which is what their first album will be named as, signifies festival – a meaning of enjoying the stage and performances together with the fans. It wouldn’t be long before the official debut of Girlfriend, so be sure to keep an eye on this group and give them your support!
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