[COVER] Kim So Jung shares about her music and stardom journey at the press conference in Singapore

22nd September 2012, Singapore – Taking place by the breathtaking poolside of Hotel Oasia on the evening of 22nd September, the press conference saw Mnet Superstar K2 finalist Kim So Jung sharing about her solo singing career as well as future plans. When asked if she would consider branching out her career to the acting field, the singer mentioned that she wants to focus on singing right now as it has been her passion since young. However if given the opportunity, she would definitely love to take up acting lessons and venture out to the drama or movie field.
As a singer who successfully made her debut this year after emerging as one of the Top 11 finalists for Superstar K2, Kim So Jung has no qualms when it comes to switching and taking on various music concepts. Unlike her debut track “Sweat or Tears” which took on a hybrid of rock, electronic and ballad style, Kim So Jung has made a fresh 180-degree transformation in her newly released single “BLAP”.
Said the singer, “I’m looking forward to try out in different concepts and styles for my future releases. If it is possible, I hope that I can get to collaborate with great artistes like T.O.P from Big Bang.”
“If I were to describe myself in 3 words, it would be ‘Dreams Come True‘. I’ve longed to be a singer since young and this passion still stays within me as I grow up. Joining Superstar K2 is like the first step to my stardom journey as I keep going and eventually fulfilled my biggest dream to debut successfully as a singer. Being able to stand on stage and perform for my fans is undoubtedly a beautiful dream that came true for myself.”
Before the press conference came to an end, Kim So Jung added that she had a fun time in Singapore and promised to work harder for better music down the road, “Singapore fans are really passionate! I hope that all of you will continue to support me and look forward to my new releases in the near future.”
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