[COVER] Annyeong K-POP Festival Party 2012

22nd September 2012 – Annyeong K-POP Festival Party 2012

Organised by K-POP Fiesta, Annyeong K-POP Festival Party 2012 officially kicked off on 22nd Sep, 4pm at Jcube (Jstage) where several groups of dancers showcased their dancing talents with pose and confidence. Solo performers included Khaii, Derrick, Amin, Aiman, Cheyenne, Nicholas and Bobby who danced enthusiastically to the infectious beats of popular tunes such as ‘We Are Abit Different’, ‘MAMA’ and ‘Warrior’.

Interspersed between the dance items were dance competitions where performers challenged one another till the last man standing. Performing groups such as Aurora, 5A1K, D5vilz, RMC, Anna Lysha, Street Dreams, The Twins, CIMAX, Hypersaint and Voltage’s electrifying choreography made the audience clamour for more. Hypersaint wowed the crowd with backflips and acrobatics stunts as they performed to Super Junior’s smash hit ‘Superman’. On the closing of the festival, performers went onstage to take group photographs and entertained the crowd with PSY’s Gangnam Style in the grand finale.

HallyuSG is proud to be an online partner for the festival. Much thanks to K-POP Fiesta for the invitation! For those who missed out Annyeong K-POP Festival Party 2012, there’ll be an Annyeong K-POP Festival Encore Showcase on 8th December 2012! More details to come soon.

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Article written by: Grace

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