[COVER] Brian Joo spends an intimate time with BFFs at his Singapore concert and hints at a possible Fly To The Sky comeback

11th October 2012 – Brian Joo Up-close & Personal Concert in Singapore

It was more than just a concert. Spending some quality and intimate time with BFFs and showering much fan services that evening was none other than Brian Joo, one half of the duo from Fly To The Sky. Organised by Jig Asia Entertainment and Agenda Events Management, Brian Joo’s first solo concert in Singapore saw a reunion of Fly To The Sky fans as they welcomed him warmly with exploding cheers and applause. Even though the soloist was performing without his duo partner (Hwan Hee) on stage, the atmosphere was very much heated up by the charming singer with his captivating performances, making it a very memorable and enjoyable show that evening. 

Performances such as ‘Domino‘, ‘It Ended Amidst Love‘, ‘My Girl‘, ‘In My Head‘ and ‘Let This Die‘ were just the few amongst the popular ones which got the crowd screaming for more. Lucky fans also had the opportunity to dance the chorus of ‘In My Head’ with Brian as well as receive hugs, handshakes and autographed albums from him. On the requests from fans, Brian did a short dance of Gangnam Style (to which he exclaimed was the most embarrassing moment of his life!) and even received a surprise peck on the cheek from one of his fans!
When asked about his impression of Singapore, the humble singer did not stop his compliments as he went on about his affection for the country, “Singapore is so beautiful and clean! Knowing that I’m a very organised person who is really particular about cleanliness, many people around me have been telling me how much I’m suited to belong here. I really love Singapore and will definitely return here again in the near future.”
During the press conference which took place prior to the concert, Brian also shared with the media on his current and future plans in the music industry. Says the singer, “Actually the day before I came to Singapore, I was supposed to record a single for a new gospel album with a bunch of other K-pop stars, not 3rd Wave, and I will be working with artistes like Lee Jae Hoon from a K-pop group called Cool, and maybe Lee Jung and Lyn. We are going to do an actual Christian album to help children around the world with all the proceeds we make from the album sales. I will be recording an English solo song on this album and that’s the only thing I know of right now.”
“There may even be a possible comeback with Hwan Hee as Fly To The Sky. In fact, both of us have been talking about it all the time. We felt that our break up as Fly To The Sky in the past was a little too soon even if it’s been ten years of being together. Unfortunately, the main reason was because we both wanted to do our solos and had differences in our music styles. Hwan Hee was in favour of R&B music, while I wanted to do more pop music like those that kids can listen to, enjoy and have fun in a club, which I guess he was not really into this type of music. From that point, Hwan Hee did his own thing and I did my own thing. But when we get together, we are going to create the music and sound we had in the past, because that’s what our Fly To The Sky fans love. Hwan Hee has about another year to do his military duties in Korea, so once that is over, we will eventually talk about it and hopefully come out with new materials soon.”
Having debuted in 1999 as part of the duo in Fly To The Sky, Brian has certainly come a long way in his musical journey and career. Even though it has been more than ten years since he started out as a singer, he feels that the learning journey never ends.
Everyday is a new learning experience for me. Just watching other artist, I can learn from them as well. Just because they’re younger than me, or less experienced than me in the business doesn’t mean that they’re not better than me. I don’t like to compare nor say who is better than who, it’s just that everyone has their own musical gifts and talents.”
“For me, I try to keep my mind and options open. My journey does not focus on music alone, but also variety shows, overseas performances, or part of a project. So, as long as I don’t keep myself very busy, but somewhat busy to the point where I’m in the scene and people know that I’m out there, that’s what makes them want to know me more and more. That is why I still do what I do.”
Before the press conference came to an end, Brian Joo left a shoutout for his BFFs and thanked them for the love and support they have showered him since his debut. Check out the video shoutout below! (Please click on 720p or 1080p HD at the settings to view the video in its highest definition!)

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