[COVER] Tim Hwang Singapore Fan Meeting at Hard Rock Cafe

Tim Hwang, otherwise famously known as South Korea’s “Prince of Ballads” was in town last week on the 28th – 29th November as part of his Asia tour. It was an intimate affair at Hard Rock Cafe and Tim did not let his fans down as he serenaded fans with his soothing voice.


Tim kicked off the night promptly at 8pm, belting out “Unnecessary Words” made famous in the hit Korean drama “Secret Garden”. Thereafter, he sang his own self-composed song titled “Keudaeyo”, performing effortlessly with his guitar.

After a couple of songs, the audience got to know Tim a little better through a series of mini interviews with the host of the night, Stanley Leong. Tim shared with the host that the first Singaporean meal he had the night before was Chicken Rice which he really liked. When asked how he felt with the title “Prince of Ballads”, Tim shared that whilst he is happy with the title, he felt that it can be a bit of a burden at times as there is a general expectation that he is only suppose to sing ballads when in fact he enjoys all kinds of music genre – from acoustic, rock to pop.

On being romantic, Tim mentioned that he does have his romantic side but is also quick to add that one cannot be romantic all the time as it may seem to be cheesy. After a few more questions, Tim randomly picked out 5 questions on post-it notes which were written by fans:

1. What would you be doing if you were not a singer?
Tim: Something related to music. I was studying to become a pharmacist because I wanted to help people.

2. What is your favourite Singaporean dish?
(Tim had difficulty naming it but he mentioned it was made out of ‘coconut broth’ to which the crowd shouted “Laksa”) 

3. Do you like Durian?
Tim: I tried it first when I was in Cambodia and it has an interesting smell. I don’t think I will go and look for it to eat it but I do know there are people who like it a lot.

4. Can you serenade me?
(Tim did not hesitate for a second and serenaded the lucky fan with “You are so beautiful…”)

5. Can you dance to “Missing You”?
Tim: There is a tempo in the middle of the song which you can’t really dance to it and it can be a little awkward if you tried dancing to it. But I’ll try… ^_^ (*Dances*)

After a costume change, Tim continued to perform a few more songs including one from the drama “49 Days”. Fan club representatives from several countries also went up on stage to present Tim with gifts. Tim also belted some English number such as “Just the Two of Us” from his musical. He added that he will be releasing a brand new album next year and fans should look out for it!

Finally, as the night drew closer to the end, Tim ended it with his all time famous hit – “Saranghamnida”. Before he sang the song, two lucky fans volunteered to sing the chorus and they each received a hug and a gift from Tim for their efforts! As Tim sang the song, all those who gathered also sang along with him. Fans were given an impromptu surprise as Tim gave everyone who attended a handshake at the end of the fan meeting, making it an even more memorable night for the fans who attended.

Special thanks to Leap Marketing Asia for extending the invitation to “Into Asia Comes Tim’s World” fan meeting and press conference. Do check out our set of exclusive photos taken during the press conference at our Facebook page under this link:
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Article & Photos by: Jamie

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