[COVER] RaNia Asia Tour 2012 in Singapore

For the first time ever, a K-pop showcase took place at Rebel Boutique Club which saw the Korean girl group RaNia rocking the show with hit tracks and sexy performances. Ahead of their showcase, the group also met their fans up-close through an autograph session held at the same venue. Many were given a great opportunity of having selca shots with the girls, have their personal belongings autographed on, and for some, a rare occasion of exchanging a few words with the members.

Shortly after the autograph session, RaNia took the stage and performed their first debut track, ‘Dr. Feel Good’. The group continued to excite the fans further with the infectious song ‘Masquerade’, following up with a short Q&A session with the host of the evening. Thereafter, 3 lucky fans were also picked to ask RaNia a question each.

Host: This is the second time you have been to Singapore. What do you think of your Singaporean fans?
T-ae: Singapore fans are really fashionable. There are more fans now, and we (RaNia) are really happy for that.

Host: It is coming to the end of 2012 already, so what can we expect from RaNia in the upcoming year?
Saem: In 2013, we will be going to USA. Like all over the world, we always love where we visit.
Fan #1: I want to buy the albums (RaNia’s), but why is it so hard to buy?
Saem: For our next album, we will try our best to sell so that everyone can buy it.

Fan #2: What is your favourite food?
Xia: I like Korean rice cake!

Fan #3: This is your second visit to Singapore. Is there any place you have always wanted to visit here? Like on your solo trip to Singapore.
Di: We don’t have any time to tour, but maybe you guys can recommend us where to go? (to which many fans replied Di’s question by screaming out names of Singapore’s tourist attractions)

Before the girls moved on to Riko’s solo performance of ‘That’s Me’, they did not forget to thank the fans who were present that evening, hoping that they would anticipate and enjoy the show. After Riko delivered her melodious and serene song, the rest of the members joined her on stage to perform their second hit single, ‘Pop Pop Pop’. At the end of the performance, 3 other lucky fans were chosen to dance on stage with RaNia being the panel of judges. Similar to the showcase last year, fans were to dance individually in front of their favorite stars, with the exception that the dance track this year had been switched to ‘Pop Pop Pop’ instead of ‘Dr. Feel Good’. The 3 fans were all rewarded for their hard effort as each of them managed to walk away with a prize from RaNia.

The commotion aroused from the dance competition died fast as the host commented that RaNia would be performing their last song for the night, titled ‘Goodbye’. It definitely wasn’t enough, as fans started chanting for an encore stage shortly after the girls withdrew from the stage with their goodbyes. But they didn’t have to wait long. Beaming with styles of their own, RaNia returned with a charming performance of their latest release, ‘Style’, which eventually brought the night to a satisfying close.

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Article written by: Fatin

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