[COVER] Sundown Festival 2012: Up-close & Personal with Born To Beat (BtoB)

30th November 2012, Singapore – Sundown Festival 2012 Press Conference & Group Interview with K-Pop boy band BtoB 

Returning to Singapore after 6 months, K-Pop boy band BtoB (Born to Beat) was invited to perform at the annual Asia music event, Sundown Festival, as the representative from South Korea along with stars from China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This year’s Sundown Festival has brought in leading acts from Asia, featuring popular stars like Liu Li Yang (China), Anthony Neely (Taiwan), Raymond Lam (Hong Kong), Alice Nine (Japan) and of course, BtoB (Korea).

Cube Entertainment’s newest K-Pop boy band sensation, BtoB, comprises of 7 members namely, (from left to right) Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changseob, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon & Sungjae. Having been to Singapore for their album promotions earlier in May this year, this group requires no further introduction. The boys have just released their second mini album ‘Press Play’ not long ago back in September with ‘Wow’ as the title track, and are currently promoting ‘I Only Know Love’ as the follow up promotions, which certainly brought about much excitement among the fans knowing that they would be able to catch these live performances at Sundown Festival 2012.

At the press conference with other performing artistes, BtoB expressed their heartfelt appreciation to fans who waited and welcomed them warmly at the airport, with Minhyuk (whose birthday falls on their arrival date) specially thanking fans for showering him with love and birthday gifts from the airport to hotel. When asked how they felt about coming to Singapore twice in less than a year, the boys shared that they were extremely happy and thankful for the opportunity to hold such overseas activities and perform for their fans.

“We are also very honored to be standing on the same stage as some of Asia’s top acts, considering that BtoB is still fairly new to the music industry as we only made our debut this year.”

Changseob added that he loves the coffee in Singapore as it’s especially delicious, while the youngest member Sungjae promised that they will practise even harder in the future, in hope that they could visit Singapore more often in the coming year.

Shortly after the main press conference, we were lucky enough to score another group interview with the 7 charming boys and get to understand them a little more than what we already did. Have you ever wonder how this group of boys managed to stand out and shine bright among the many additions of K-Pop bands that debuted this year? BtoB has been garnering the attention of many and rising up high in terms of popularity – so how much have they grown since they embark on their musical journey? Eunkwang, the leader of BtoB, answers on behalf of the group, “Our new songs include more choreography and we have practised a lot on our own, so you’ll be able to see the difference when you watch us perform on stage.”

Changseob then went on and explained how Minhyuk had a hard time learning the choreography due to his injury before their ‘WOW’ promotions, “but he still held on and practised a lot despite the suffering…”

What about each member’s favorite pick among the songs they’ve released since debut? Without hesitation, both Eunkwang and Peniel chose ‘WOW’, while the rest of the members couldn’t pick between the songs as every single track was put up with much effort and affection from the whole team.

The set was pretty light-hearted as the boys continue to share some individual insights about themselves. Just like any other teen, Sungjae, being at the age of a playful teenager, wanted to spend a day with his friends, watch movies and have fun if he could live a day without being recognized as an idol star. Similarly, the leader who enjoys playing soccer, answers that he would love to spend a day having soccer matches with his friends. Changseob shared that he would like to be a barista, while Ilhoon later commented that he would still practise in his free time (to which the members started boo-ing at him jokingly).

During the group interview, we had the privilege of seeing the famous ‘Kyeomi Player’ created by Ilhoon, who took the opportunity to show us what his version of ‘Kyeomi Player’ is all about. He also thanked everyone for their attention and support, and hoped that the attention would in turn bring more popularity to the team. Check out the short video clip below!

Our group interview with BtoB concluded with Changseob sharing that he would do more self-development and practices before the album promotions if there is any one point the members could work and improve on. With such determination and drive, coupled with fresh songs and slick choreography, we believe that the boys will definitely top the charts and make it big in the music scene in the near future.

We would like to thank Red Spade Entertainment for extending the invitation to Sundown Festival 2012 press conference and concert, as well as the opportunity to interview K-Pop boy band BtoB.


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Article Written by: Qinyi

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