[FEATURE] Singaporean duo 'Trick' receives attention from Min of Miss A


Singaporean duo Trick, recently receives a decent promotion on their music by one of the hottest Korean female stars, Min from Miss A. Min, who has always shown an interest in discovering new and fresh music releases, took to her twitter with a retweet of one of Trick’s tracks, thanking them for the good music produced. For some of you, you may find Trick a familiar face, as the duo had appeared as guest performers in various schools and even staged their performances during the Mediacorp Celebrate 2013 @ The Float, Marina Bay.

Formed in mid 2012, Trick is an up and coming Pop duo consisting of singer, songwriter, producer Marc Lian and rapper, songwriter Richard Jansen. Based in Southeast Asia, Singapore, the duo has set about crafting original and cover songs with a unique and captivating sound that draws on the modern and older styles of R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Electro and Dancehall. Trick’s modus operandi combines a mix of sweet saccharine Pop and the urban vibe of Hip Hop/Rap. A perfect example is found in their debut single ‘BPM’ (the track that was noticed by Min) that was released in summer 2012.

Individualistic in their ideals, Richard and Marc produce all of their music themselves with the latter as point man in the studio. Trick has recently released their 2nd single – ‘The Life’, and has been steadily climbing up the local radio music charts. Be sure to check out their new release and support the local talents as well!

More About Trick:
Official Web Site: http://wearetrick.com
Facebook: http://fb.com/wearetrick
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ThisIsTrick
YouTube: http://youtube.com/tricktelly

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  1. Omg trick !haha btw ur manager kamal called me just not for rollin good times today,,was hopping 4 u to call.

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