[COVER] Song Seung Heon shares about 'Dr Jin', working with his co-stars, as well as his acting career


2nd March, Singapore– In Singapore to promote ‘Dr Jin‘, one of his recent dramas, Song Seung Heon attended a media conference to share his thoughts and filming experiences a day prior to the Meet & Greet session with the public and fans. Not an unfamiliar face to the Korean drama fanatics, Song Seung Heon has participated in numerous drama works since his debut as an actor. Aside from ‘Dr Jin’, some of his highly popular dramas include ‘Autumn in My Heart‘, ‘East of Eden‘, ‘My Princess‘, just to name a few. With ‘Dr Jin’ set to premiere in Singapore on Channel U from 1st April onwards, let’s hear what the actor has got to say about this drama.

Q: Understanding that ‘Dr Jin’ is your first Sageuk (historical/period) drama, what was your initial reaction when you discovered that you’ll be leading the title role in the drama?

SSH: Since this was my first Sageuk drama, I was actually quite pressurized initially. Nonetheless, even though the drama role that I played encounters time travel, I speak in a modern way so I guess that felt less stressful.

Q: The drama setting of ‘Dr Jin’ was about travelling back in time to the Joseon Dynasty. How did you mentally prepare for this role?

SSH: My role in ‘Dr Jin’ is a doctor and to be honest, the professional medical terms are very difficult for me to remember so I had to memorize them. They even invited a doctor to come down to the drama set to help me along with the terms. After filming for a period of time, I got quite used to the terms and there are even people joking that I can be a real doctor now. 


Q: Are there any interesting incidents that took place during filming?

SSH: Because this drama experiences time travel, I find it fascinating to act in such a drama for the first time. Occasionally, I do think about how life would be like and how I would feel if I really were to return to the Joseon Dynasty. The filming process was refreshing and interesting to me.
Q: Any feelings to share with regards to working with co-actors like Park Min Young, Lee Beom Soo and Kim Jae Joong in the drama?

SSH: I have known Lee Beom Soo sunbae-nim for over 10 years. He is a qualified actor and I have since learned a lot from him. It was a good experience on the overall. Park Min Young on the other hand, was worried about whether she would be able to deliver her role well. She worked very hard and surprised everyone with her good performance. For Kim Jae Joong, it was my first time working with him in a drama. Because he is from JYJ, an idol group, people think that he can only sing and can’t act well. In fact, he acts in a very professional manner and always does his best during each filming. He worked as hard as every actor on the set.



Q: Having participated in one OST (original sound track) for ‘Dr Jin’, will you ever consider coming out with an album of your own?

SSH: Many people have actually asked me the same question. It’s not that I can sing well but rather, it’s because of the advanced technology that helps to correct the tunes and make the audio track sound better. I personally don’t think that I’m a good singer, so the chances of me venturing out into singing is quite impossible. Nonetheless, be it drama or movie, being able to participate in the sound track is very meaningful to me. Hopefully I will receive such chances again in the future.
Q: If you could return to the past, which era or generation would you want to go back to?
SSH: I’ve always wished that I could go back to the past and meet historical people, or see how I would be like when I grow old. However, if I can really time travel, I would like to return to my high school days as a student. If it does happens, then I would really reconsider my career path again.
Q: Which episode in ‘Dr Jin’ is the most interesting one to you?
SSH: There is no particular episode that I felt was most interesting. What was unforgettable would probably be the hot weather during filming which drained away all our energy. It was so humid that even Park Min Young and Kim Jae Joong couldn’t take the heat as well, so we ended up taking off the thick layers of Joseon Dynasty clothes we had to wear.


Q: You’ve came a long way in terms of your acting career since debut. Is there anything else you would like to give a try?
SSH: I want to challenge myself with a variety of drama roles. Most of my drama characters are either too nice or too gentle, so I hope to tackle something really different and opposite, like an evil guy who commits murderous crimes, or a bizarre role who doesn’t have a sound mind. Even though at the moment there is no such opportunity yet, I am willing to take on any character and challenge myself.

Q: Amidst your busy schedule, do you take time off for your personal life? What do you usually do during your free time?
SSH: Just like you or any normal person out there, I catch up with friends and we often go for a drink or exercise together. Sometimes I play the golf, and sometimes I enjoy resting at home catching up on movies.



Starting from 1st April 2013 onwards, ‘Dr Jin‘ will be broadcasted on Channel U every Monday to Friday at 10pm. Be sure not to miss this highly anticipated drama which also features popular actors like Park Min Young, Lee Beom Soo, Kim Jae Joong and more!
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