[CJ GROUP] CJ Innovation Challenge and Online Internship

CJ Group is reaching out to university students across the globe to discover promising global talent in a program called the CJ Innovation Challenge and Online Internship. The program was created with the philosophy that students perform their best when working on things that they enjoy and are passionate about. It is a unique opportunity for students to combine what they love with what they do by exploring Korean culture, gaining experience working with one of the biggest companies in Asia, and discovering future job opportunities.

Are you the one they are looking for? Read on to find out more about the online internship program!
  • Open to hard-working university students of any year or major who speak English or Chinese. Students that are interested in Korean culture and international business and who have a structured, independent style of working are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Interns will be paired with a company mentor and work 1:1 on an international business project, communicating virtually via an online forum, through email correspondence, and over Skype.
  • Internship activities will involve research, strategy development, marketing and field work with options to intern in the Food, Entertainment, Beauty, Retail, or Logistics industries.
  • Accepting applications until April 5th.
How can interested students apply?
Visit http://explore.cj.net/ to read more about the program guidelines and download the online application form. For further queries or submission of resumes, please contact [email protected]

About CJ Group
CJ Group began in 1953 as the first sugar manufacturing company of Samsung. In 1995, CJ separated from Samsung and has since expanded to encompass 28 affiliates in Korea and 126 foreign branches in 21 countries abroad. CJ Group’s four main businesses include Food & Food Services, Bio & Pharmaceuticals, Retail & Logistics, and Entertainment & Media.

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