[COVER] Boyfriend Completes Their Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore


16th March 2013, Singapore – Boyfriend Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore

It has been a year since they last set foot in Singapore for the joint fan meeting with labelmates SISTAR. Back in Singapore for their solo fan meeting this time round, Boyfriend returns with more upbeat tracks that are bound to get you off your seats and start to move along with them.


Donned in their ‘Janus‘ outfits, Boyfriend kicked off the show with the title song and followed up with lively tracks like ‘Don’t Touch My Girl‘ and ‘I’ll Be There‘. Having received a favorable response from the fans for their Janus album release, the members of Boyfriend shared their joy simultaneously for the overwhelmed support of their music comeback and added that they were delighted when they heard about the opportunity to perform in Singapore.



Performing to a whopping 1,200 audience, Boyfriend also belted out solo stages that night, showcasing their individual charm and stage presence. The night wouldn’t be complete without a special surprise from the fans, as they dedicated a birthday song and celebrated Donghyun‘s belated birthday, to which the leader exclaims that his wish is “hoping that the happy moment with Best Friends will last forever“.



Boyfriend concluded the show with infectious track ‘I YAH‘, followed by their encore stages ‘Boyfriend‘ & ‘Super Hero‘, leaving the fans in awe as they showcased their synchronized choreography and showered much fan-service that night.

We would like to thank the organiser, Launch Entertainment, for the media invitation to cover Boyfriend Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore. All official photos in this post are taken with credit from Launch Entertainment.

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