[FEATURE] South Korean Trio Rock Band '4th Floor' Sends A Greeting to Singapore


About 4th Floor

Hailing from South Korea, 4th Floor is a trio rock band consisting of Sohn Sung-hui (Leader, former Buzz guitarist), Moon Sang-sun (Keyboardist) and Jung Ui-jun (Drummer). Formed in 2011, the band sets itself apart and strives to be different with their unique style of emocore music, featuring its own lyricism on beautiful melodies accompanied by a blend of rich sound and weight.

Message from 4th Floor to Singapore:

Hello Singapore!
We’re the band ‘4th Floor’ from South Korea.
We’d like to tell you the story of us every week till early May when the new EP album comes out.
Ready to have fun with us?

안녕하세요! 싱가포르!
우리는 한국 밴드 ‘4th Floor’ 입니다.
오늘부터 우리 새로운 EP앨범이 나오는 5월 초까지
매주 우리의 이야기를 들려 드리고 싶어요!
우리의 이야기를 들을 준비가 됐나요? 

If you haven’t hear about the trio rock band before, you’re missing out something different from the usual pop music! Check out one of their title tracks ‘Tonight‘ from the 2nd single album entitled ‘New Born’ as the band attempts musical changes as a new-born band. ‘Tonight‘ is a song that portrays the sorrow of parting and a longing of affection for an old flame, characterized by emotional tunes and expressive lyrics about being scarred for life.

How do you think of 4th Floor or their music? Stay tuned to HallyuSG as we bring you more insights into 4th Floor and their upcoming EP.

Special shoutout to El Company & 4th Floor for the greeting message!

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