[COVER] Hyun Bin charms fans at his open press conference in Singapore


Singapore, 26th April 2013 – Korean actor Hyun Bin made a public appearance at an open press conference earlier this evening prior to his fan meeting that is scheduled to take place tomorrow at The Max Pavilion. Well-known for his leading role in popular drama ‘Secret Garden’, the humble actor expresses that he wasn’t expecting the great success that would follow him when the drama came to an end. The biggest difference between his character in the drama and his real personality? The star answers promptly, “I’m not that insensitive and selfish!”

While the fans all agreed upon his flawless features and character, the down-to-earth actor rates himself a 30 out of 100 percent, exclaiming that he’s still working hard on the remainder.


“It feels great to be back in Singapore. Singapore is not foreign to me because I filmed a drama here before, so I’m pretty used to the surroundings and environment. I’m very excited to meet all my fans here and I’m also looking forward to try some local food.”

On a psychological question pertaining to relationship terms, Hyun Bin selected an answer to which he felt was rather similar to his self, that is, ‘repressing oneself too much in relationship such that one may have a very high expectation of the partner one would want to marry, and if one’s partner does not meet that standard, one may not want to continue the relationship‘. He added, “I wouldn’t say I’m 100 percent like this, but it’s somehow similar. If I’m in a relationship and keep going on with that kind of pressure or concern, I don’t think I can continue. That’s not what I’m looking out for in a relationship as I want to feel comfortable and relaxed.”

Having been discharged from the military in December last year, the actor shares that it was a good learning experience on the overall. At the same time, he was grateful toward the officials for treating him with equal status as the rest of the soldiers instead of being looked upon as a celebrity.

“I didn’t really face much difficulties in the military. To be honest, I was overjoyed to be freed. Nothing has changed much, but I do receive comments from people saying that I look stern in photos, so I hope I’ll handle that better overtime.”

“Well… Acting cute is really hard for me. I do get many requests from fans to act cute and I did try, but I just don’t think I’m the type that is cut out for this.”


Do you think we’ll get to see Hyun Bin acting cute at his fan meeting tour in Singapore? He might, or might not, well it depends! You’ll have to see this for yourself and of course, catch ‘That Man’ up-close in action! Be sure not to miss this exclusive fan meeting brought to you by Faith & D Entertainment.

We would like to thank Faith & D Entertainment for extending the media invite to Hyun Bin’s Press Conference in Singapore. Stay tuned to HallyuSG on Twitter as we bring you live updates from the fan meeting itself tomorrow evening! Do follow us on Facebook for exclusive updates and news!

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