[COVER] Hyun Bin proves popularity and completes First Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore

Singapore, 27th April 2013 – Providing fan-service must be one of his forte, as charismatic actor Hyun Bin serenades fans with his ballad songs and puts up a fabulous show at his First Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore. Charming more than 1,000 fans at the fan meeting, Hyun Bin performed a total of three songs including ‘That Man‘, ‘Can’t Have‘, as well as an English cover of ‘Marry You‘, originally sang by American singer Bruno Mars.

There were plenty of intimate interactions with fans during the game activities where Hyun Bin could be seen walking around the perimeters of the stage and greeting them up-close. A handful of fans also scored an opportunity for a solo picture with the humble actor, or even received a warm hug, a handshake, or an autograph from him.

Being generous with his fan-service, Hyun Bin hardly rejects any requests from the fans – as long as those requests were not too demanding – and makes sure that the show runs smoothly even though there was a slight technical glitch during his laser show segment. In order not to disappoint the fans, the actor even requested to perform the laser show for a second time, as he’d always wanted to show his best side to the fans. It was however, unfortunate that this segment was not able to commence further due to technical issues. Nonetheless, it was his professionalism and sincerity that etches deeply in our hearts.

To sum it up, we were pretty sure that it was a memorable and enjoyable evening for all fans who were present at Hyun Bin’s Fan Meeting in Singapore. The fan meeting was concluded on a sweet note, along with an exclusive High-5 session for 1,000 lucky fans after the show. The thoughtful actor also did not forget to thank each and every single fan who came on stage for the High-5 session, making it an unforgettable experience that one will remember for life.

We would like to thank official sponsor Freshkon Alluring Eyes for the review tickets, as well as organiser Faith & D Entertainment for presenting Hyun Bin First Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore. Do check out the coverage of his open press conference appearance HERE if you’ve missed it!

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