[COVER] Lunafly holds a press conference for their Singapore showcase


10 May 2013, Singapore – K-Pop band Lunafly made their appearance at the media conference for their first showcase in Singapore happening over the weekend. Comprising of three members namely Sam Carter, Teo and Yun, the trio group from Nega Network greeted the media enthusiastically and shared about their musical inspirations and future plans during the press conference.

Being in town for the first time, Lunafly shared about their excitement where they managed to tour around Singapore and took photos with the Merlion. They also revealed that their senior, Brown Eyed Girls, had recommended them to try chilli crabs which is widely known to be one of the signature dishes in Singapore.

When asked about their musical path, Lunafly expressed that they would like to explore different genres of music where the leader, Sam Carter, further shared that they would normally write their songs in English before moving on to the Korean lyrics. This explains the reason why the group always has two versions of their songs.


In terms of musical aspirations, Teo exclaimed that he was greatly inspired by Jamie Cullen’s music in High School, while Yun shared that he often listens to Eric Clapton’s music. On the other hand, Sam mentioned that Beatles was the band whom he truly looked up upon. The boys added that given an opportunity in the near future, they would like to hold a World Tour and receive love from their fans all around the world.



As Mothers’ Day is approaching, Lunafly also shared with the media on how they show gratitude to their mothers. The youngest member Yun revealed that he talks to his mother everyday and his mother is really proud of him as a singer. Sam mentioned that he does not share with his parents about the hardship and exhaustion he goes through so as to lessen the worries they would have on him.


Before the press conference came to an end, Lunafly expressed about their excitement to meet the fans and promised aspecial performance exclusively for their Singapore showcase. It was great to see them in high spirits and we definitely believe that the boys won’t disappoint at the showcase.

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