[COVER] Gangnam Style is over, Gentleman gets crowd PSYched at the Singapore Social Concert


29th May 2013, Singapore– Is Gangnam Style really over? Well, not really. But more like how the gentleman is trying to move out of Gangnam Style’s shadow. At the Social Star Awards media conference held on the afternoon of 22 May, K-Pop phenomenon Psy showed up and explained about the global success behind his latest single ‘Gentleman’.“Some people say that it’s secondary success. Some say it’s not a success at all. Let me be honest, I’m not going to beat Gangnam Style forever. That song was a miracle and miracle never happen twice. I’m just going to get rid of Gangnam Style and leave it as it was. I cannot live with Gangnam Style forever.”

“Regarding my new single Gentleman, I really appreciate the opportunity to perform here because Singapore is one of the hottest countries suitable for this kind of song. I will be performing it at the Social Star Awards and Singapore Social Concert, and it’s going to be the first official overseas performance of the new single. I think it’s time I payback to Singapore for all the support I have received thus far, and I promised, that I will not be a gentleman on stage.”

Psy is nothing new to the Korean audiences, but his exploding popularity and global fame is. Achieving an all-kill on various music charts all over the world and making a record-breaking history as the first Korean artist to top iTunes Top 100 chart (United States) and blow billions of views on YouTube in the shortest time-frame recorded, Psy’s global fame has maintained solid from Gangnam Style to Gentleman. As an Asian, his take on making headlines with both viral songs remained humble as well.

“I met Jackie Chan awhile ago. He told me that I’ve inherited after him, that I am the second hit following him in Asia. It’s like, one year ago, I was travelling in Las Vegas. One year later, I’m back to Las Vegas as a presenter at the ‘2013 Billboard Music Awards’. I’m really proud to be known as another kind of Asian in the Western country.”

“Before Gangnam Style, I honestly didn’t have any idea about social media at all. I was really not good at computers and social media. When the song became a hit, it was then I started using Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms. Social media is a very important and powerful tool these days and I’ve been depending on it a lot. We should think it this way – Things we say online and offline. Online can be pretty much real these days (even if it’s fake in reality), so it really does a great influence on the community today.”


Psy was also asked about the choreography for Gentleman, a familiar series of dance steps that originated from K-Pop girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra. He explained the reason behind the remake of the dance steps, “When the track for Gentleman was first completed, my body automatically started to move along with B.E.G’s dance steps. I have also consulted many others and all of them agreed that the dance would be suitable for the song. I feel that artists like B.E.G should be exposed more in the Western market, so if I could help them I think to myself, ‘Why not?’. It was a success, because after Gentleman was released, it generated a great deal of interest for B.E.G as people started to get curious about the originator of the dance steps.”

Making an appearance at the Social Star Awards the following day on 23 May, Psy was the artist to close the awards ceremony with a live performance of the two viral songs that blew up his name all over the Internet. The Awards show was livestreamed on YouTube, hosted by Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven, and joined by other International acts like Aerosmith, CeeLo Green, SkyBlu (from LMFAO), Carly Rae Jepsen, BLUSH, etc.


In celebration of the inaugural event, these artistes also performed at the Singapore Social Concert over the next two days, with BLUSH as the opening act on the first night, continued with performances from Carly Rep Jepsen, Psy and CeeLo Green, and wrapping up with epic performances by Aerosmith on the second night.

Psy took the stage and pulled it off perfectly with songs like ‘Champion’, ‘It’s Art’, ‘Gentleman’, and ended the stage with ‘Gangnam Style’, a song which he exclaimed that he wouldn’t be in Singapore if not for Gangnam Style. It was certainly a blast of the night, as the Singapore Social Concert concluded on a high note, leaving fans screaming for more.



We would like to thank StarCount for extending the invitation to the Social Star Awards media conference as well as Singapore Social Concert.

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