[COVER] X-Mini welcomes Jay Park with one of its kind collaboration

20 May 2013, Singapore – Invited by X-Mini for the official launch of the Jay Park x X-Mini capsule speaker, Jay Park returns to Singapore and shares about the collaboration behind the dedication of the music speaker, something which he used ‘Boom!’ to describe.
X-Mini speakers are sold around 80 countries globally and achieved the name as the best-selling portable speaker in the market. As the first international artist to have a specially customized portable speaker just for himself, Jay has nothing but good things to comment about the speaker.
“I like it simple. It looks cool. When I first saw the capsule speaker, I was surprised. It’s such a small thing, yet the sound is very clear and the quality is good, so I understand why it’s number one. I’m glad that this collaboration is happening.”

When asked further about the benefits of the X-Mini capsule speaker, Jay talks about the importance of having a good sound system to him while writing songs, and even demonstrated to the audience by getting his hands on the speakers, playing his new track Joah.

“You can share music using the capsule speaker. If you’re on headphones, people wouldn’t know what you’re listening to. And especially when you’re writing songs, you need to know how you sound like – It (capsule speaker) gives you the full feel of the song.”

“I carry my laptop around with me wherever I go, so when I want to listen to music on my laptop with a better quality, I can just use the X-Mini capsule speaker. It’s so convenient and portable that I can just carry it everywhere with me.”

With less than 500 Jay Park x X-Mini capsule speakers to be produced around the world, its exclusivity and uniqueness adds on to the overall appeal of the product. According to Jay, he ‘designed the look‘ and X-Mini ‘made it happen‘. Ryan Lee, the CEO of X-Mini, also explains one of the decisions to collaborate with the singer, “Among the K-Pop artistes, Jay Park clearly stands out.”

At the end of the press conference, Jay was gifted with the first prototype of Jay Park x X-Mini capsule speaker, a one of its kind in the entire world. In celebration of the official launch, a mini-showcase was held thereafter where the singer performed his new single Joah, as well as songs like Nothing On You, Girlfriend, and Body2Body.
With such a brilliant collaboration between X-Mini and Jay Park, we can’t wait for the capsule speakers to be officially launched internationally into the market. Be sure to look out for the latest news from X-Mini on their Facebook page! Much thanks to X-Mini for the invitation to cover the official launch.

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