[NEWS] Get an eye-catching and memorable SUPER SHOW 5 in Singapore Commemorative ticket!

For the first time ever, a special commemorative ticket in holographic format will be available for the Super Show World Tour concert series in Singapore. Fans will be able to purchase these special Commemorative tickets in addition to normal concert tickets as a memento of Super Junior’s concert.

Sales Period: Now till June 30th, 2013

Where to Purchase: Online through SISTIC web site and via SISTIC hotline (+65 6348 5555)

Price: S$12 (Exclude SISTIC delivery charge)
*Ticket displayed is subjected to changes

General FAQ 

What is the SUPER SHOW 5 Commemorative ticket?
The commemorative ticket is a souvenir specially customised for SUPER SHOW 5 that is sold in addition to the normal ticket. It comes in an eye-catching holographic format and allows fans to keep it as a memento of the concert. 

Where can I purchase the SUPER SHOW 5 commemorative ticket?
Fans can purchase the commemorative ticket online via SISTIC’s website or through SISTIC’s hotline. 

If I have already purchased tickets to the SUPER SHOW 5 concert in Singapore, can I still purchase the commemorative ticket?
Yes, concert tickets holders can purchase the commemorative ticket by clicking on the “Buy Commemorative Tickets” button that is located below the “Check Availability or Buy Tickets” button on the SISTIC website. Ticket holders will be prompted to enter/quote the transaction reference number given when they purchase the concert tickets. 

Can I buy the commemorative tickets if I have not yet purchased tickets to the concert but intend to do so?
Yes, you will be able to buy the commemorative tickets when you make your purchase of the concert tickets. Simply click on the “Check Availability or Buy Tickets” option and at the end of the transaction, you will be prompted with the option to buy the commemorative ticket.

If I have used my transaction number to purchase 3 commemorative tickets out of the 4 tickets that I’ve purchased, will I be able to enter the transaction number again to purchase the remaining 1 ticket another day?
No, the transaction number only allows a one-time usage, so do consolidate all orders before making your purchase. 

Can I buy the commemorative ticket without purchasing concert tickets?
No, the sale of commemorative ticket is only available to ticket holders. 

What is the maximum number of commemorative tickets I can buy?
4, as each commemorative ticket is printed with the seat number and the maximum number of concert tickets each person can purchase is 4. 

What if I have purchased 4 concert tickets but I only want to buy 3 or less commemorative tickets?
You can purchase as many commemorative tickets up to a maximum of 4. For example, if you have purchased 2 commemorative tickets and 4 concert tickets, the seat number of the first 2 tickets will be printed on the commemorative ticket.

Do I use the commemorative ticket to enter the concert venue?
No, entry to concert will still be via the normal concert tickets. 

How much does each commemorative ticket cost?
Each commemorative ticket cost $12. 

I have bought the commemorative tickets via SISTIC. Where can I collect them?
Collection of commemorative tickets can be made at the SISTIC Box Office. (One time collection fee of $3 applies).  Fans also have the option of having the commemorative tickets sent to them via registered mail or courier at an additional charge of $3 and $15 respectively (one time charge). 

When can I collect the commemorative tickets?
SISTIC will notify customers via email when the tickets are ready for collection/delivery. Customers who have opted to collect tickets at SISTIC Box office will have to bring the email as proof of purchase.

For more information on Super Show 5 in Singapore, do follow concert organiser Running Into The Sun on Facebook and watch this space for more updates!

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