[COVER] NU’EST returns to Singapore to hold their L.O.Λ.E Tour

22 June 2013, Singapore – Greeting the media floor enthusiastically with their trademark introduction,
NU’EST made their appearance at the press conference for their concert in Singapore happening over the weekend. The boys (Aron, JR, Minhyun, Baekho& Ren) were seen on all smiles as they shared about their change in music style and future plans during the press conference.

When asked whom they would like to collaborate with, NU’EST unanimously chose their seniors Son DamBi and After School, who are also home to Pledis Entertainment. Furthermore, the boys continued to share their take on the change in music concept from ‘Face’ to ‘Hello’. Aron explained that they would like to show their fans a fresh perspective and different sides of NU’ESTand further commented that Minhyun’s image suits the ‘Hello’ concept the most.

During the press conference, NU’EST added that the members would like to venture out in the acting field if given an opportunity in the near future. Minhyun exclaimed that he would like to act with all members, while Aron and Baekho mentioned that they would like to give the comedy scene and action film a try respectively.

The press conference came to an end shortly with NU’EST dishing out on their ambition where they aspire to become a respected and well-known boy group globally.

During the concert that took place on the same evening, NU’EST performed a string of their popular hits such as ‘Face‘, ‘Action‘ and ‘Hello‘. Not to mention, the boys also pulled off an amazing English cover of the song ‘Sandy‘, which was specially prepared for the Singapore L.O.Λ.Es! The concert wrapped up with the encore stage ‘Beautiful Solo‘, which certainly concluded the beautiful and unforgettable evening for all L.O.Λ.Es present at the event.

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