[NEWS] 'Mstar Online', the Ultimate K-Pop Game comes to Singapore

Calling all K-Pop lovers! Have you always wished you could dance like Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Miss A, or your favorite K-Pop idols? Here’s your chance to flaunt your stunning K-Pop dance moves even if dancing may not be your thing.

The Ultimate K-pop Game has finally arrived in Singapore after much anticipation from local music and dance gamers! Developed by Nurien and published by Garena Online (SG), Mstar Online is an online dancing and social game featuring a wide variety of dance modes and difficulty levels that will be able to cater to all types of players. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, players will get to experience not only high quality and realistic 3D gaming graphics but also dynamic dance moves from some of the latest K-pop hits.


One of the highlights of Mstar Online is that players can freely customise their avatars from the clothes, hair, accessories, props and even right down to the facial features. With up to thousands of items and products sold in the Mstar Shop, players will be spoilt for choice when customising their characters and homes. On top of that, players can expect fun and interesting social interactions with their friends in the game that will definitely bring virtual socialising to the next level.

This Chinese version of the game was launched on Garena Taiwan platform in August last year and has been very well received by many gamers there. Singapore will be the first country to launch Mstar’s first ever English client.

Check out a sample of the gameplay as well as its official trailer below!

Mstar is an easy game to pick up even for beginners due to its simple game control (only the arrow keys and space bar are required to perform the basic in-game actions). New players can always create their own training room to practice to their favorite songs in the difficulty level and game mode that they are most comfortable with. There are also multiple quests in Mstar itself in which players can complete to get rewarded and gain experience. Up until here, aren’t you curious to join in the fun and dance along to the K-pop dance covers? Continue reading to find out more!

When is Mstar coming?

Players will be pleased to know that Mstar Closed Beta 2 is already here! All players can go to Mstar web site HERE to download the game now!

So K-pop lovers, what are you waiting for? Dance to the beat, join Mstar!
Visit http://mstar.sg for more information about Mstar Online and check out their Facebook page as well!

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