[COVER] Super Show 5 in Singapore wraps up successfully with over 7,000 concert goers

Singapore, 6 July 2013 – Super Junior left fans wanting more after a spectacular night on the 6th of July, where Super Show 5 was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. There was a myriad of performances for fans to squeal over; from classic and polished choreography of the various hit songs like ‘Sorry Sorry‘ and ‘Mr Simple‘, to the interactive and fun numbers like ‘Dancing Out‘ and ‘Wonder Boy‘. Also, who could forget the hilarious and over-the-top cross-dressing segment the boys had specially prepared for the fans; where Siwon, Kangin, Ryeowook and Sungmin donned dresses and girly outfits and attempted the choreography of SISTAR’s hit song ‘Alone‘.

With members Yesung, Heechul and Super Junior leader Lee Teuk serving the military, fans could see an increase in participation of Super Junior-M members Zhou Mi and Henry this time round. Kangin returned to join the members for this concert tour and was welcomed back with much enthusiasm, as the fans cheered him on eagerly when he addressed the crowd.

Following the hugely successful and popular movie Avengers, Super Junior can be said to be huge fans too; as they incorporated the cosplay segment into the concert with members taking upon the roles of Superheroes like Captain America and Ironman. They were seen to be enjoying themselves as they ran around the stages and amused themselves with the props they had in hand. Fan service was provided endlessly throughout the concert as the members tried to get closer to fans by inching to the sides of the stage and flashing cheeky smiles.

Members showed their sincerity as they addressed their fans, also known as ELF. Eunhyuk even teased the fans at the end of their song ‘Marry U‘ with a proposal in Singlish, “Singapore, would you marry me la?”

Cheeky bantering between the members was also present as Eunhyuk expressed that Shindong was happy to be in Singapore because he was able to eat pepper crabs. Members Siwon and Kyuhyun also started to sing “I’m crab~ I’m crab~” along to the tune of Henry‘s solo, ‘Trap‘, that was released not too long ago, much to the amusement of the fans.

During the ending mention, Sungmin equipped, “It was a really happy night. We have waited so long to come back here for Super Show 5. We definitely will come back with a better performance next time and we hope to meet all of you again soon.”

With that, Super Junior proceeded to wrap up the show with their final performance ‘So I‘, as the concert concluded in a sweet note. It was definitely a blast of the evening for those who attended the concert and we would like to thank Running Into The Sun for extending the media invite to Super Show 5 in Singapore.

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Photos Credit: Running Into The Sun

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