[COVER] HaHa and Skull get up-close with fans at their first fan meeting in Singapore

Singapore, 19-20 July 2013 – Reggae duo HaHa & Skull partied hard with fans at their first Singapore fan meeting, which showcased a series of live performances that were said to be a preview of their upcoming concert in Korea. A day prior to the fan meeting, the duo made a public appearance at Square 2 for an open press conference, where they shared about their fondness for reggae music and the experience of promoting together as a duo.

Holding a fan meeting out of Korea for the first time, HaHa and Skull expressed their excitement to meet the overseas fans and not to mention, they were eager to try out some local dishes (such as chilli crabs, black pepper crabs, satay, etc) on this trip as well. Known to be a permanent cast member on popular variety show ‘Running Man’, HaHa appeared humble and said he hadn’t expected the show to become a hit since it was not very well received in Korea at the beginning.

“I think the popularity started to grow as we visit the Southeast Asia countries, like the Thailand episode for instance. I am really thankful towards the fans for their constant support and attention for the show.”

His music partner Skull added his take on HaHa’s popularity, “I really respect what HaHa is doing. In fact, he is more tough and manly than he looks. And for me, of course I’d love to go on the show if there’s a chance in the future.”

When asked if HaHa would be willing to change his betrayer image on ‘Running Man’ to become a role model for his newborn son, the all-rounded entertainer joked, “If the program needs me to change, I will change. I can portray an even more perfect betrayer role if needed.”

HaHa then teased the fans and added on the possibility of holding a Running Man Fan Meeting in Singapore if the schedules of the cast members allow.

Skull, “a pioneer in reggae” as HaHa described, enjoys promoting together as a duo as he talks about his music career, “We came from different backgrounds, but we get along very well together. Reggae is getting bigger not only in Korea but in Asia too. We are proud that so many people are supporting reggae music now.”

As for HaHa, who used to prefer the hip-hop genre before jumping into the reggae scene, he eventually found his fondness for reggae music through a performance, “I had a chance to perform reggae in Korea, and I got interested. I love reggae music, and we hope to make it popular and keep it going through performances.”

In town to promote their second single ‘Ragga Muffin’, the reggae duo saw a massive turnout of avid fans at their fan meeting that was held at Zouk the following day. The duo put up fantastic showmanship throughout the entire evening, engaging the fans with hits like ‘REGGAErilla’, ‘Ragga Muffin’, ‘Busan Vacance’, ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’, just to name a few. The fan meeting eventually came to a successful close with the duo throwing out merchandise to the audience floor as a gratitude to fans for attending their show.

We would like to thank the event organiser LEAP IMS for extending the media invite to the press conference and fan meeting. If you’re heading over to Korea in August, be sure not to miss the reggae duo’s full-fledged concert that will be happening on the 17th Aug (Seoul) & 31st Aug (Busan)!

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