[COVER] Asia's Prince Lee Kwang Soo gets embarrassed with his nickname

Singapore, 16 August 2013 – Conferred with the title of ‘Asia’s Prince’ on South Korea’s popular variety show Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo was in town to hold a fan meeting on 17 August, which saw a massive turnout of fans eager to catch a glimpse of the ‘giraffe’/’betrayer’. In contrast to his humorous character on Running Man, the tall actor appears to be a shy person in front of the cameras as he made an appearance at the closed-door press conference that was held a day prior to the fan meeting.

Well-known with a model height of 1.90m, Kwang Soo shares about his joy and pain of being tall, describing that his love for milk (since young) was the main reason that attributes to his current height.

“Frankly speaking, I am quite satisfied (in myself) and I like my height. Probably when it comes to dressing up, I might face a bit of difficulty but on an overall I like my height. The disadvantage is that I get noticed quite easily in Running Man when we are hiding or running away.”

On Running Man
Character – If he could change his character, how would he change it?

“The only way for me to survive (in the show) is to betray others. Maybe I could work out and try to have a cool body like Jong Kook hyung’s.”

Ranking of Members – Having filmed over 150 episodes of Running Man, Kwang Soo was later asked to rank the members in terms of who he think is the best at the games.

“First of all, 7th would be Suk Jin. This is just my own opinion, I hope you guys can keep it as a secret. 6th…HaHa…5th…Gary…4th…Jaesuk…3rd…Ji Hyo. I’d probably be the 2nd… Jong Kook hyung is always sensitive over this question, so whenever he sees an article like this, he’d be happy to know that he’s the 1st. (laughs)”

Nicknamed Asia’s Prince – With his rising popularity in Asia, Kwang Soo earned himself a title of ‘Asia’s Prince’ especially since the Running Man Vietnam episode. How does he live with that nickname on the show?

“I am extremely shy and embarrassed whenever I hear this name. Whenever I hear it, I don’t know what to do with myself.”

Running Man Guests – When asked if he has anyone in mind to invite on the show, Kwang Soo answers, “Of course we welcome all celebrities who come on our show… but the original members Joong Ki and Lizzy, I’d really love to have them back on the show. I’m sure it’ll mean a lot to the other members as well.”

On His Acting Career

Lee Kwang Soo’s drama involvement and personal take on being a professional actor

“I think it’s my job that I try my best to do well in the field I’m involved in. I learned a lot from my senior actors whom have provided me with valuable advice. At the moment, I am involved in the TV series ‘Goddess of Fire’, and I hope everyone can see the effort I’ve put in.”

“My goal is to work hard in the drama that I’m involved in. However goals do change over time, so probably until the new goal comes setting in, I’ll be focusing on my current goal to work hard now. In the future, I want to try out a variety of characters or roles that I’ve never acted before.”

On Personal Life
Lee Kwang Soo is a shy person?

“To be honest, I am very shy with people. I am also quite influenced by the surroundings I’m in, so I’m always thankful to all the Running Man members because all of them are so active and bubbly. Whenever I’m with them, I feel like I have received more energy. On normal days, I tend to get serious though. I’m a pretty serious guy.”

How about marriage?

“I have no plans for marriage at the moment. I feel embarrassed whenever I receive these kind of questions… Haven’t thought much about it but I’ll definitely wait for Jong Kook hyung to get married first. Thank you for the interest in my marriage. (laughs)”

Lee Kwang Soo’s fan meeting in Singapore was officially his first overseas event, setting a record in his showbiz career. We would definitely love to catch him back in Singapore again in the near future!

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