[COVER] Lee Seung Gi 'The Brilliant Show' Press Conference in Singapore


Singapore, 6 September 2013 – Be it singing, acting, or hosting, there is pretty nothing much the all-round entertainer can’t achieve in his celebrity career. Swooning over the hearts of many, Lee Seung Gi took the raves to Singapore when he was in town for his ‘Brilliant Show’ last week, whose open press conference at Bugis+ Atrium drew a huge crowd of avid fans and supporters from all over the world such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, and more.

Lee Seung Gi’s popularity definitely extends beyond Asia, as the multi-talented artist has been very active in the showbiz, receiving multiple awards over the years as a recognition for his participation in dramas, albums, and variety shows.

While news has it that he will be returning to the variety scene for ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’, Seung Gi revealed his excitement at the press conference, “I’ll probably join the show in October or November, that’s when I will meet all of you on variety again. ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ is very popular and well-received in Korea at the moment, so I’m very excited to be part of it.”


When asked if he has any female idols/celebrities in mind to go traveling with in the variety show, Seung Gi confessed that he hasn’t given this much thought and joked, “I think the female celebrities haven’t considered me as well.”

He continued, “As far as I’m concerned, the list of female celebrities joining the show has already been set, and I’m very much looking forward to join the variety show and work with all of them. I think it’ll be great fun.”


On his second return to Singapore for ‘The Brilliant Show’, Seung Gi added, “I’m very thankful to be back. Unlike some idol groups, I don’t have the opportunity to visit here often, so I’m really grateful to the fans for welcoming and inviting me back to Singapore.”

Voted #1 husband material, Seung Gi was also asked about his personal qualities that would make for a good husband, to which the singer responded humbly, “There is nothing I have prepared myself for…” and added, “I think a good husband is one whom places family as his first priority and is thoughtful for the family.”


On a question of ‘bad habits of yourself and those that you can’t stand in a girl’, Seung Gi revealed that he tend to be over-possessive with his new belongings or new home gadgets, and the bad habit lies in which his interest doesn’t last long, as he reflects, “After awhile, those items will just become one out of the many old things I have. Looking back, I feel that I do not have a lot of patience or resilience.”

And the second part of the question? He cheekily answered, “Maybe nothing?”


Lee Seung Gi was recently involved in the historical drama ‘Gu Family Book’ with Suzy and other co-stars, which rounded a total of 24 episodes in its broadcast period. The down-to-earth actor described the drama as one with a unique fantasy story that pulled him in and had a lot of influences on him. Being in the industry for close to 10 years, Seung Gi completely strips away the usual celebrity arrogance as he added that he is not afraid to change the image he has developed over the years.

“Whenever I act, there is a wide spectrum of things happening in the drama. There are many things that I have not experienced before in my life, so I tend to depend a lot on the scriptwriters of the drama. That’s where I get ideas which helped a lot in my acting.”

“I want to attempt the particular role I feel I can perform well, and that it can really beat myself.”


The open press conference wrapped up with a photo-call of Lee Seung Gi, inviting cheers and applause from the fans and audience.

For those who went to Lee Seung Gi ‘The Brilliant Show’ in Singapore, we’re pretty sure it was a very intimate and memorable evening for all, and we certainly hope that he’ll be back again in the near future for more shows!

Special thanks to Faith & D Entertainment for extending the media invite to the press conference. Check out our set of exclusive photos taken from the event HERE! (Please refrain from removing or editing the watermark on the images.)

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