[COVER] INFINITE holds One Great Step Press Conference in Singapore

Singapore, 4 October 2013 – 7-member boy band INFINITE recently held a full-scale concert in the Singapore leg following their successful World Tour stops in South Korea, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand. Organized by ONE Production and presented by Samsung, INFINITE 1st World Tour 2013 “One Great Step” in Singapore showcased more than just dynamic performances from the boy band.

When asked about the title of the concert, Sunggyu, the leader of INFINITE, explains that ‘One Great Step’ was an inspiration that came about from a phrase by astronaut Neil Armstrong who describes, “One Small Step for Man, One Giant Step for Mankind.”

Having seen a huge rise in their popularity since they first visited Singapore three years ago, the members expressed that they were overwhelmed and touched by the warm welcome from the fans, as well as the passionate support they received over the years. Dongwoo added that they were extremely thankful to have worked with Samsung in bringing about a successful show as it motivated the group to perform not only at their best, but also as the world’s best.

In conjunction with Samsung’s latest launch of Galaxy Note 3, the members also took the opportunity to demonstrate how the gear works at the press conference, adding that they often use their individual device to listen to music and get connected to their SNS accounts.

Described and pointed as the ‘selca king’ by Dongwoo, Woohyun further shared some personal tips on positioning the device’s camera to make it a perfect selca shot, saying that “a 45-degree angle is a must”.

“I love the quality of the photos taken by Galaxy Note 3’s camera. It’s so good to the extent that the camera is able to capture all your flaws clearly.”

INFINITE has grown to become one of the hit boy bands in the K-pop scene since their debut, with popular tracks such as ‘Be Mine’, ‘Can U Smile’, ‘Man In Love’, and most recently, ‘Destiny’ and ‘Request’. Being such a successful K-pop group, the members were in fact very down-to-earth as member Hoya talked about how they would occasionally reflect back on their debut days which reminded them of the tough journey they had endured that brought them to where they are today.

“I always believe that tomorrow will be a day better than today. It makes me look forward to the future.”

Inspirits who’ve attended INFINITE One Great Step in Singapore, we hope you had enjoyed the concert as much as the boys do! It was truly a joy to have met these boys at the press conference, and we would like to thank ONE Production & Samsung for extending the media invite to our publication.

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